spark of danger

"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."

Song of Solomon 8:3

There was some kind of normalcy that had been achieved from the beginning to the current, one wouldn;t exactly say 'end' as their lives had most definitely not come to an end per say. Not for the foreseeable future in any aspect of it. But there was definitely a...current. Currently taken, currently infatuated.

Currently fucking exhausted.

One could say, and probably had said, that their lives were rather monotonous. Aside from making the attempt to blend in with the way of the world now, which was surprisingly easy given how hedonistic and selfish humans had evolved from the moment they stepped out of Eden. Bee had a bit of a darker outlook when it came to humans. Not as bright or earnest as Raphael's seemed to be but they adjusted, times were changing. Bee was caring more and Raphael seemed to drive a wedge between being absolutely finished with those that tested his patience. But supportive, even though he voiced his concerns about the 'new leaf' that Bee seemed to turn.

The morning conversations lingered in the air around him but that was it. Morning conversations that would be forgotten at some point throughout the day and shared over a cup of coffee and tea before shuffling about to get to the day. "See you later" was something that was a promise that was usually upheld with a degree of seriousness. It would go unfulfilled that night.

The bell over the bookstore rang and darkness overtook him.

Footsteps down the hall echoed seemingly echoed through the hospital, bouncing off the walls to deliver as much as warning as anyone needed as a dark wave of hair followed after the woman who walked with more of a purpose than she had previously. Especially when she had claimed easily that she was 'too good' to rub elbows with the people who worked in emergency, Indira came to stop just at the corner as the archangel was coming down the hall, moving to put a hand up to stop him. "There's something much more dire in play than the trauma coming in, doctor."

"I..." 'Indira's' expression said it all for the most part, she wasn't going to be here for his bullshit or whatever feud that they wanted to keep between them. "Tell me a reason why I should come with you for anything that isn't business related?" The sour-sweet expression on the demon's face pretty much spoke in volumes of how much she wanted to throw the angel into the fire and be done with him. "It's about your beloved, Raphael."