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AEV'IK are a colorful people with varied skin tones in reds and blues. Their hair grows in similar shades to their skin, but the Aev'ik are big advocates of dyeing it, and love to dress ostentatiously. Almost all Aev'ik possess varying levels of empath abilities - in general they can read magnified feelings of those around them, but some also have the ability to change emotions with touch, while the strongest can do so with a mere thought. Those without the "gift" are often ostracized or treated as second-class citizens.

On their home planet, Auhiri, the Aev'ik live in domed cities as the land outside is uninhabitable due to a world wide war that occurred hundreds of years ago. It is very rare to find flora on Auhiri and after venturing through the Gateway, the Aev'ik became particularly interested in planets such as Babylon and Mahoroba.

politics & the domes

Once operating as a democracy, the Aev'ik reverted back to a hierarchical feudal system after the Great War that decimated their planets' surface and air quality, which forced them to create the biodomes they now all live in. All current inhabitants know no different than this system.

Each dome is ruled over by a different noble family. At the start of the system, they all chose their own titles (such as Archduke, Baron, Count, etc.) but ultimately they mean nothing when compared to one another and the power of a family is rooted more in what their dome provides than a title. The Capitol Dome sits in the middle of Auhiri, and the rest of the Domes spiral out from there. There is no real rhyme or reason to their locations in regards to which holds more power, etc.

All of the domes have a specific purpose and specialization. The Aev'ik are generally a peaceful people (amongst themselves) and marriages between the ruling families are frequent, used as a way to keep that peace.

CAPITOL DOME is the only dome that permits outsiders. Everyone from diplomats to tourists are directed here. This is the Dome that the Aev'ik present to the world around them, and as such, it is the most ostentatious and glamorous of the bunch. The city's lavish lifestyle typically draws the most affluent of the Aev'iks - as well as some of the most powerful empaths. This is a very calculated choice, ensuring that outsiders leave with a calm, pleasant view of Auhiri.
  • This dome is controlled by the Name family

DOME ONE specializes in transportation and serves as a general transport network hub. The domes throughout Auhiri are connected by tunnels inhabitants can walk through in order to reach another dome, as well as docks for spacecrafts and stations for high-speed trains. Dome One is responsible for creating, maintaining, and upgrading these systems.
  • This dome is controlled by the Name family

DOME TWO specializes in technology and electronics, including robotics. Most inhabitants are very adept at mechanical engineering, and they ensure that the Aev'iks as a whole is operating with the highest technological advances. They are the most powerful dome on Auhiri.
  • This dome is controlled by the Jennix family
DOME THREE specializes in agriculture. Given the Aev'ik have not been able to house genuine plants since the Great War, the agriculture has had to adapt accordingly, and their work is primarily animal (meat) based. This dome is the most interested in taking over Mahoroba and Babylon, desperate to recapture the capability the Aev'ik once had to work with real flora and fauna and livestock.
  • This dome is controlled by the Name family

DOME FOUR specializes in textiles and luxury items. All clothing, jewelry, etc. is produced and manufactured in this dome, and it is perhaps the brightest and most flamboyant of the bunch outside of the Capitol Dome. This is a dome that values creativity and many creative types such as artists and musicians usually take up residence here.
  • This dome is controlled by the Name family

DOME FIVE specializes in weapons, both traditional and nuclear. While they keep the majority of the weapons for themselves, they are not above occasionally selling their older models to other planets. The inhabitants of this dome are perhaps the most secretive on Auhiri, and much of their work requires special clearance to even hear about. This dome additionally houses the Aev'ik military. After Dome Two, they are the most powerful of the bunch.
  • This dome is controlled by the Name family

DOME SIX specializes in medicine. Their knowledge and understanding is vast, from holistic to traditionally western to prosthetics. It is unconfirmed but rumored that a small faction of the doctors and researchers are working on medical technology that would further extend the lifespan of the Aev'ik.
  • This dome is controlled by the Name family


allegiance: Neutral (allegedly)
Population: ~920,000
Lifespan: ~110 years
Official language: Aev'ikish
Religion: Pantheistic

aev'ik culture

The Aev'ik people are incredibly private to the outside world. This has stemmed partly from a general wariness of their species on account of their empath abilities - most find them strange and difficult to trust, and so while the Aev'ik have built the elaborate Capitol Dome in an effort to combat that, they still remain very secretive about the actual inner workings of their planet (and the fact that their planet is, in fact, dying). They are, however, generally a very warm and friendly people amongst their own kind, and the crime rate is very low in comparison to other planets and species.

There are two usual ways that the Aev'ik greet one another. In a professional setting: with a forearm grasp as they send waves of what they are feeling to one another. In a personal setting: with a hug and a cheek press as they send waves of love and affection. Many Aev'ik choose not to vocalize altogether when communicating with one another, as those with empathic abilities can simply send their emotions to each other. The fact that those who are not "gifted" cannot do this is yet another reason they are looked down upon in society.

As a very intelligent group, they value learning and the education system across the board is quite good. Each dome has a few schools (from primary through university), and the largest university is housed in the Capitol Dome. It is not uncommon for adults and the elderly to take courses alongside students simply to keep themselves sharp.

Generally, the Aev'ik lifespan is just a touch longer than humans, with most living an average of 110 years. They age quite normally. Their immune systems and general health are much stronger than humans, however, and while they view humans as overly aggressive, they similarly see them as physically weak.

intergalactic relations

While there is not necessarily deep seated hatred, the Aev'ik people have always been wary of humans. In recent months, most domes have even been running propoganda painting humans as aggressive and dangerous, citing their frequent and many wars as reason to avoid contact with them. This is most notable in Dome Three, driven with the purpose of hoping to gain support across the planet for a potential overtaking of Mahoroba and Babylon. Most inhabitants will learn the Common language, but rarely any other human languages beyond that. as there is no need; inhabitants of Dome Two created the babel fish, which is a chip that can be planted into an Aev'ik's ear to translate any languages the person does not know.

Aev'iks are much less wary of the other alien planets that surround them, and have always been fairly peaceful with their neighbors. They tend to frown upon interspecies relationships and conception due to how guarded they are as a society. Intraspecies children are very rare and looked down upon, frequently referred to as "half-breeds".
Despite being secretive about their own goings-on, the Aev'iks have no problem sending ambassadors out into the galaxy. (Some think this is more of an effort to spy on other groups than promote peace.) They have one Ambassador each on Fissa, Vugawa, and Kavis. Though Mora Xalin currently serves as the Ambassador for all of the Penglai System and is essentially the face of the Aev'ik people, there are many scattered throughout the galaxy and some more specialized than others (i.e. one specific Ambassador that operates solely on Scheria).