i'm a motherfucking starboy
age + date of birth
The only son of Andrew and Victoria Nolan, Edward Andrew Nolan was supposed to be the son of a prominent figure in the world. The future was alit with the possibilities that he could potentially have and there was no lack of who wanted the 'Nolan' name attached to their company. But he was born into a dying world. Years prior to him being born, there were already talks and plans of relocating the Earth's populace to a planet that could sustain them.

Edward was raised with more of the belief that the world wasn't meant for them. He watched, most of the time, as his parents worked tirelessly to make sure they were going to be on the first flight out of there. The world he knew and the world he heard about were two completely different things as far as he was aware. The higher education that his parents could afford taught him that the warnings of climate change and political discourse had assisted in nearly fast-forwarding the effects of green house gases had on their planet. Humans had successfully murdered the Earth that by the time they had tried to put it back together again, the damage was too irreservible to make much of a difference (if any). It was plenty of reason to cause a little bit less of caring what happened, from a young age -- Eddie pushed himself into a corner for the most part. Becoming more of a social hermit than a social butterfly. When he was six years old, his little sister, Delphine joined the family and was clearly meant more for his parents to spark some pride in than their son who had become more of a layabout by the time they were taking Delphine out.

By the age of sixteen, Eddie had made more of a reputation for himself as being someone people couldn't trust than he would've originally wanted. He was never truly encouraged to do more in his life -- his parents had quit with trying after spending more than enough time to push him to get up and do something with himself. He attended events with them, made them look as good as he possibly could but that is where his usefulness started and stopped. He wasn't as intelligent as the brilliant shining star of the family that Delphine had made herself out to be. Always outdoing her brother in even the simplest of ways. Eddie spent a majority of his time eating at his parents pocket book with brushes with the authorities and getting kicked out of a myriad of private schools for a long list of things. The echoing sentiment was true to every teacher in any of the "gifted" programs that his parents tried to push him to get into: Eddie wasn't anything special. The only reason why he was in those schools were based on name and reputation of the family only.

Still doing as his parents wanted even when he was living in a dying world, Eddie was far from the negative naysayers and those that took things seriously. Everything was literally water off the duck's back with him. But he was loved by those who met him for his humor and almost "ditzy" way of looking at how life was and how it actually would be when they were older. Eddie hit the college scene with less of a bang and more of a sizzle. A routine pothead at this point in his life and living on his trust fund to get him through things. Eddie turned with dealing and smoking pot which seemed to be more in demand than ever regardless of the legal status that followed it: college students still didn't really have a lot of money that people selling on the side had more of an appeal to them than the endless dispensies that had been erected almost every year.

It was only really by mistake that he ended up with Veronica Acton, a wealthy heiress that thought Eddie was funny more than he was dragged into the seriousness that most people in their social circles and school had provided. The relationship started and ended fairly abruptly. Veronica simply couldn't tell herself that it was 'alright' to be with someone who had no future plans for himself other than being sucked into the VR games that Eddie was obsessed with and living off old money that he was provided. It almost fell on deaf ears that she announced that he was pregnant with his baby but almost nearly forgotten just in the same fashion over Eddie's beliefs that bringing children into the world now was probably more irresponsible than he could ever be seen as.

While debating between cutting off Eddie completely to get his head out of the clouds, Eddie lived with the philiosophy that some of the older members of his family agreed with even if they didn't like him: it was alright to be the person who stopped to smell the roses. Even if Eddie had stayed there for nearly a decade smelling them because he really just didn't want to be bothered with the politics and drama of everything that seemed to turn the entire world into the Xanax Nation. When it was announced that the 'ARC PROJECT' (different from the terraforming settlers) would be taking flight with the first set of ships. A year would follow after the next wave of refugee ships, Eddie was informed by his family that he would have to wait until wave two. The society that Eddie grew up in turned vacant during the historical moment that the first human settlers took flight. Eddie spent a lot of his time riding through empty '1%' neighborhoods on a golf cart and squatting in houses that he thought were nice (there was plenty of indoor pools which had become a regular thing by this time in the history).

Those on Earth dreamed of what the ARC PROJECT was bringing them to -- the new cradle of humanity on Babylon where the first settlers had already made their way onto in the Penglai system. When it was time for 'wave two' -- Eddie almost missed his flight off the rock. Finding his way aboard, Eddie was placed in the "economic" level of the 'ARC' where all where placed into cryokinetic sleep until they reached their destination. During the flight, Eddie's ship had an originally unassuming power surge that caused those pods effected into being effectively lost on the ship manifest and in the cooridor that the effected pods were in: being lost for a time. By the time the cryo pods were originally discovered: some had failed, others had been recovered, and others had been jettisoned during a fire in holding. One among those was Eddie's. For centuries Eddie's pod was lost and found...and lost again. A recurring pattern over the years until it was sold in auction labeled 'space trash -- coffee table' when an antique's shop was closing and Eddie's pod found its way to Lowtown, Terminus.

facts & things
- if he is called 'edward' he will laugh for days. days after the fact.
- Eddie is surprisingly good at anything that has to deal with electronics, it's the only thing he has ever been good at. Added with really on par reflexes from all the times that he's spent playing VR simulations as he was growing up and into his adult years.
- Physical age is 35, actual age is 400+
- Prone to vertigo spells due to the length of time he spent in cryo.
- Has never worked a day in his life.
- Will make old Earth pop culture references no one will ever understand but he will still say them.
- His favorite movie was a SUPER ASS OLD movie (in his opinion) Back to the Future and grew up wanting to be Marty McFly.
- 2080 was a revolution and a revival that he lives for. Even if he wasn't born yet.