serrated your heart 
full name ephraim oberon delaney birthdate & age 1 november 2621 & 36 alliegance glf (horseman) homeplanet nibiru (belos) residence the wayfarer

Luna Gallei and Adrian Delaney met, often as some people do, at a bar in Belos. At the time, Luna was dating one of the "up-and-comers" apart of the Galatic Liberation Front and she was...playing him basically. Stealing funds that he made into her own off-world account with the hopes that she could get off Nibius and disappear into the stars on her own ship. Adrian halted those plans. He halted a lot of things. Becoming a sort of 'Bonnie and Clyde' sort of couple right off the bat, Luna had already learned the ways of using her "feminine wiles" to catch a mark. Adrian was slow on the uptake but provided a good amount of muscle and Luna got her wish -- getting a ship of their own and Adrian got his wish, finally being able to catch the girl that wished she could travel amongst the stars. It wasn't without its hang-ups. It took years and a couple of stints in prison before Luna decided to settle down a bit back on Nibius -- the place she knew and felt safer compared to other places in the system.

Samuel was born not too long after their return. Ephraim following shortly after, but the Delaneys had created a safe enough nest egg that it could support two little boys in their lives. While not having to push themselves too much to make ends meet. Life was quiet and found some sort of...peace in their small family. It wasn't until Adrian died that things became disillusioned for Luna. There became Luna-the-mom and Luna-the-GLF-spy. Balancing her sons and her need for revenge was easy for her, but difficult on her boys. Ephraim barely knew his mother, like the passing of a ghost or a cold wind in their home -- Samuel was the one who raised him. The brothers were incredibly close, coming to rely solely on each other rather than anyone else.

It was by chance that he was skipped over when it came to testing for the neurogenic gene. For the longest stretch of time, Ephraim was going without training until the day that it was noticed. But not by the right people. When Samuel was old enough to start working, Eph was still trailing back a couple years and without his brother's constant guidance and trailing after him -- Eph was almost caught in pick-pocketing some of the more dangerous guys in Belos and defended himself the best way he knew how. Which didn't get him turned over to the Academy because the Disciples of Enyo had gotten there first. Eph was taught how to control his own abilities and was more of a natural at it than most who started training as old as he was.

Samuel spirited his little brother away before he started drinking the kool-aid that they were trying to force feed him. Putting Eph on the scavenger ship he was working on and trying to do his best to take care of the both of them. The two vowed that they wouldn't separate after that.

When the rebellion with the Alliance happened...the boys were practically the first in line to be involved. Ephraim did well both in fighting and gathering intel, but it was when his brother got killed that he started to make the fight more personal than getting independence. He ended up being caught and tortured by The Ferals namely one man who would haunt him for the rest of his life: Cassian Vanderbilt. Following his release it pretty much took him out of the fight for the remainder of the war but while Eph healed, Eph plotted. Not to get back at The Ferals but to take Cassian down personally.

His activity with the GLF quieted down for some, others they knew he was still working behind the scenes while he started ship-hopping. Trading work for information, anything on the whereabouts of the man who tortured him and who in his mind he blamed for everything that had happened in his life to this point on. Ephraim worked up to it, finding the location of Cassian after years of searching for him and apprenticing briefly at a restaurant to learn to cook. Eph recently joined the crew of The Wayfarer with the hopes of finally being able to have his shot at Cassian so that he could have closure in that part of his life now.

facts & things Usually carries more knives on him than people realize.

Begrudging found a real love for cooking while he was working on his 'quest for vengeance' and always tries to one up himself when he cooks for the crew.

Also does really well when it comes to have to do field medic work.

Partially deaf in one ear.