At the age of ten, Lucas Fern was a precocious and vibrant child in the late 60s. Everyone in his neighborhood knew him as the boy that rode his bike, going on adventures until he found a new love of the "wild west" and obsession with playing cowboys & indians with the neighborhood children. A tragic accident -- supposedly with his little brother, Andrew while constantly bugging him to play the game along with him led to his untimely death. A malevolent spirit, Lucas uses his childlike innocence to pull people into the trap that was originally set for him.

CHARACTERS A wandering spirit, anyone can run into Lucas but don't be fooled by his appearance. He is just as deadly as any of the other spirits in the Beckett Manor.
Joshua Tillman was typically described as a homely young man. Originally from Philly, he had moved to Detroit with the hopes of building his own kickstarter but it was lagging in the uptake when it came to getting partners (or any interest whatsoever). When it came a time to build from the ground up, he started working a regular 9 to 5 job with no hope for his future while ubering by night to make some quick cash. Little did he know he was in for the ride of his life -- or well, death. Murdered by an unknown serial killer, Tillman's legs were chopped off before his head and left behind in the truck of his car outside a gas station.

CHARACTERS Like The First Born Son the Torso is a wandering spirit that anyone can run into. Just don't get caught by him or he'll try to use your legs to get out of the house.

Selma Wickett was a 70s prom queen, beloved by all in her class even though she only had eyes for one person: Nicholas Flynn. The night of prom was when she was going to realize her dreams and the love that she had been chasing for years was finally going to be realized. Nicholas had other ideas, after agreeing to be her prom date and idealistically becoming the prom king and queen he told her to meet him behind the bleachers so they could finally be together. It was all a cruel joke, Nicholas went in to kiss her before tearing off her dress in front of the entire senior class. In her agony, Selma disappeared into the gym where she hung herself in here grief.

CHARACTERS Another...wandering spirit Selma is particularly drawn to characters who are in "love" or attractive young men so she could get the revenge she believes is hers.
Agnes Weatherly was a mother of four, vibrant in life and so pleased with the world she had built around her and her family. What she hadn't known was that her husband's gambling habits had gotten out of hand and "bad people" were out to get him. While her husband attempted to persuade his wife to uproot their life and run away -- without any explanations to the sudden need to leave. Agnes was torn between the life she had and the life her husband wanted. The day she agreed to leave was the day that the family car had been strapped with a car bomb -- instantly killing her four young children in the back. Agnes passed away after a twenty-four hour stay in the hospital.

CHARACTERS Agnes is a warning and a deterent to many of the evil spirits in the home. She's particularly interested in characters that are younger and feels the need to come to protect or warn them of coming dangers.

David Stein was the "bad boy" that all the girls wanted to get with and all the dads hated. Having lived in the 80s he fit the aesthetic that was built by multiple movies of that time period that made girls gravitate towards him. But none were comparable to them as much as Susan Kingsley, a girl he had fallen in love with and fallen in love hard. Making plans to run away together, Susie's father had discovered that not only that David was planning to leave but that he had gotten his daughter pregnant. On the night they were supposed to be leaving, her father was waiting before beating David with a bat and dragging him behind his truck through the neighborhood.

CHARACTERS Dennis Goodheart and Agatha Carter will be running into "The Torn Prince" in the study.
Victoria Stone was a beauty queen held at the highest of standards in the early 90s. Arriving to the modelling business doe eyed and ready for stardom -- in the beginning she was a hot commodity. The fame quickly going to her head that many found her unbearable to work with eventually. Spoiled and arrogant. Victoria was pulled into the darker side of show business via cocaine use by her friends, quickly losing herself to the drug. Her agent used her at her weakest to be a companion for the Hollywood elite. In the last efforts to reclaim her independence, Victoria killed herself in her bathtub.

CHARACTERS Francine Raines and Charlotte Anderson will be running into the lovely "Angry Princess" in the third floor "guest space".

Unknown name, was born in the 1800s in a small countryside village in France while living in a modest farm home. Generally good-natured and kind to her neighbors growing up, she was became widely known for her "cure-alls" around the village. When she decided to move to the Americas, it was in great malcontent from her neighbors who would deeply miss her. And a regret that would take her life, establishing herself with her English villagers but when her cure-alls became common fact and failed to save the village elder's young son, she was accused of witchcraft. Mania followed suit and the people who she trusted had now turned against her before sentencing her to death. Her body left to rot at the foot of a tall oak tree that many believed to become cursed.

CHARACTERS Madelaena Giles and Penelope Caplan will be running into "The Pilgrimess" in the attic.
Diane Wagner was born in the 1840s, pushed into the peak of "the sideshow business" after being sold to a traveling circus by her mother at the age of eleven. Diane was broadcasted as the world's tiniest woman. Enduring countless years of ridicule by patrons of the circus, she found solace in the fact that she would get paid what little they would give her in a steady meal and a "found family". Diane's son, Dewitt, was born after she was sold for "unspeakable acts" by a monster of a man who had taken interest in her at a show. While from a horrible act, Dewitt was the love of Diane's life -- albeit slower. Slow-witted, as an adult Dewitt was led away from circus by a group of teenagers (promising him to show him where a bunch of kittens were) where he was beaten to death for being a freak. Diane went searching for her son before discovering his body stripped naked in front of the river. In her agony, Diane drowned herself.

CHARACTERS "The Great Child and the Dire Mother" are wandering spirits, Diane will try to get Dewitt to attack anyone who is too "normal" by their standards.

Lucius Douglas felt lucky in his lifetime, living in a small town in Louisana as a railroad maintenance worker with his loving family. Known to many who got to know him, the real him as a true blue gentle giant who was likely to give anyone the shirt off his back and a hot meal if they needed it. But life in America back then was tough for men like him. Dealing with mounting racism in the South and frequent visits from the KKK, Lucius promised his family that he would get them out as soon as he could. Sooner became Later became Too Late. When he arrived home from a long day at work, his home had been engulfed in flames and along with it, his wife and children. Bent on revenge, Lucius hunted down every Klansman in his town -- murdering them brutally and leaving their bodies attached to the railroad system that went through their town. He was eventually wanted for murder, in an effort to make sure "justice" wasn't served in whatever way the authorities decided it to be -- Lucius threw himself in front of a freight train.

CHARACTERS "The Hammer" is a wandering spirit through the Manor. Try not to be cornered by him, will you?
Known in life as Douglas "Enouch" Prentiess. Endured a psychotic break in his early twenties where he had claimed the lives of multiple young women in gruesome acts of torture, eventually coming to believe his existence was "divine" and "chosen by God" he renamed himself Enouch before he was caught and deemed insane -- being thrown into the then almost borderline torturous conditions of mental asylums. Enouch's era of murder did not stop there, before he was bound into a straitjacket he ended up murdering two other patients and a nurse. Claiming them to be demons sent to destroy the harmony he promised to bring. His death was never on record, but many do not believe it was of natural causes.

CHARACTERS Isabelle Graves and Christian Harper will have this guy hot on their trail throughout their entire visit to the Beckett Manor.

Standing at 7'1", Lawrence Taupin was as much of a monster in life as he is in death. A serial killer, preying primarily on young children and people who happened to get caught outside after dark of the quaint little town that he was raised in. Growing up he was a victim of bullying for his height but it was not what broke him. The child of a single teenage mother, Taupin could be found killing animals or beating up children smaller than him. Questions began to arise when a schoolmate of his had gone missing, but was never further investigated. A loner as an adult, it became apparent that something wasn't right with Taupin. The town was plagued by the beast of a man until police ended up cornering him in a stake out, shooting him to death without uttering a word.

CHARACTERS Lillith Deveaux, Matt Costello, and Noah Carter will be encounting "The Juggernaut" somewhere in the maze of the Beckett Manor -- please run.