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Klaus Popov
The Basics
Full name Klaus Andrei Popov Age (DOB) 36 / November 1 1983 Career Agent (The Regiment) Single/married/divorced/etc Married to Adelaide Russel-Popov Orientation Heterosexual
Abilities Technopathy
Klaus has the power to manipulate and control technological devices, as well as empathically connect to technology on a mental level. Klaus' power of technopathy is mainly something that he can use to connect and communicate with technology telepathically with simple voice commands or gestures he can get devices or machinary to do what his commands are. He can create a psychic connection to machines and devices to control them and take control from other people. During this time, he has full control over the device or machine that no one can get in while he and the machine are connected. He control the flow of intricate machinery, and assemble or disengage their programming at will and operate most technology at distance.

This isn't without it's limitations. He can't control devices that are already being controlled by another technopath. Nor can he can control things at really great distances. If it's not electronic in nature, he can't control it. Nor if its something that isn't electronic. Holding a bond over a device can threaten for him to have a complete overload on his brain and he can only control things for a certain amount of time (one hour at maximum) without having to take breaks. If it is run by nuclear power, he cannot control it either as it has to be connected to an electrical grid.
Activation & Deactivation
He has the power of activation and deactivation. When it comes to Klaus this has to deal with electrical devices where he could turn them on, even if they are unplugged. Giving him a one up when it comes to turning on computers, TVs or devices that haven't been turned on for years. He can use these powers to activate and deactivate vehicles and larger objects that run on an electrical current, something that he uses to do this is through vocal communication. He cannot psionically turn on anything or turn them off. Which if there is something blocking the sound barrier then he can't use this power at all.
Biological Manipulation
Klaus has the power of biological manipulation, he has the power to manipulate biological forces. Though he uses this primarily to heal by exciting biological functions to heal. Through biological manipulation he has worked on keeping his secret away from the Regiment by changing the basis of his own blood to keep them from finding out about his powers. Klaus can use his powers to change things on a cellular level almost, unless someone knows what to look for and it only lasts for a certain amount of time. Fading away if he's not entirely focused on it. He can change the pheromones he gives off to make him more enticing or even pushing people away. He can even get to the point where he can induce diseases (such as cancer or illness) in someone. Klaus has not mastered most of this power, but he can get to the point where he can alter his appearance in small ways. Or other people's appearances.

This power is extremely tasking on Klaus, usually causing him to lose consciousness or become extremely weakened for days afterwards.
Psionic Shielding
He can block psychic attacks, telepathy and empathic powers. Mostly he has the power of using this capability to stop himself from being mentally controlled just the same. He primarily uses this power to block people from using psionic powers on him (such as power sensing). But he cannot use this power just unconsciously, he has to focus on using this power and it only lasts for a certain amount of time. He cannot use his other powers at the same time as this one.
Klaus, for the most part, looks like what someone would expect from a stereotypical 'gamer type' -- typically unshaven, long shaggy hair, and usually wearing graphics tees that have some reference to pop culture. For the most part, he chooses to dress in relaxed clothing and darker to neutral clothing as he's read in a study (somewhere) that it makes him somewhat more approachable and relatable to other people who might be too afraid to go visit a doctor. Because of his powers, Klaus usually keeps some sort of electronic device on his body. A dead IPhone that he can manage to bring back to life or even so much as going as far as old electronic devices as it tends to bring him some comfort when he has to face things down on his job that are too difficult to handle.

He can judge his sense of style somewhat to tv doctor 'House'. Chosing to wear converse or a beat up motorcycle jacket he got when he was in high school. Or just going with flannel and debating seriously if he could just wear his pajamas all day at work since he lives where he works. Klaus is...legimately never seen without wearing his wedding ring. It is his most prized possession and more often than not will tell people all about his wife if they really want to know.
70% Extroverted
30% Introverted
62% Intuitive
38% Observant
12% Thinking
88% Feeling
76% Judging
24% Prospecting
8% Assertive
92% Turbulent
Klaus can be somewhat of a realist. He isn't hopeful, he isn't optimistic. He knows that this world they are living in, the one that's very willing to let supers be turned into weapons of mass destruction is a dangerous one. Sometimes he can be viewed as a very pragmatic man -- he isn't someone who is willing to let things just 'fall as they might' or leaving them up to fate. In his mind, he finds behavior like that abhorrent. He takes calculated risks but enough with 'calculated' that he thinks that he can predict the outcome without doing any harm to himself or to other people which is something that Klaus views strongly. There's been plenty of times when he could have come around and did things that could make it easier to just use his powers as a simple fix-it. But he doesn't want to think he got anywhere in life by simply using his powers.

Klaus isn't a very trusting person. There is always an edge of paranoia to all he does. Especially since beginning to work for the Regiment with the constant fear that he will be discovered and turned into an agent. Klaus doesn't have the temperment to deal with any of that. Instead dealing quite well with just keeping things 'close to his chest' so to speak. He isn't cold, however. He has almost excellent bedside manner and is someone that people can feel like they can turn to when the going gets tough.

He can come off with a very dry humor to his collegues. There's been tons of people who have walked away from a conversation with Klaus believing that he thinks he's smarter than them. Generally not making friends co-workers wise as easily as he can make friends outside of work. He's sarcastic and tells it like it is. Simply because his job entitles him to do so on a daily basis. But he does care.
Luka and Dinara Popov met overseas. An expected romance that most people would see coming from a mile away. Dinara didn't marry out of love but the need to make sure that the union between the two families would help with similar business ventures that could help with bringing her family money. It wasn't a marriage for love but for convinence, something that their family had done for years. Dinara and Luka, however, wanted to end the tradition with them when it came to making their children marry for love rather than for the good of the family. The two moved to New York, Staten Island to be exact. A few years after moving to America, their son Klaus joined the family.

Klaus had a fairly normal childhood. For the most part, he was a bright and happy boy for the most part. He never had more of a 'exciting' life where he grew up. The family always lived modestly, his dad wouldn't ever spend money on toys that Klaus would want to play with but pushed his son to create them himself when he was old enough to do so. He grew up in a family that was hardworking and always pushed him in the direction that was hardest because nothing was ever achieved without hard work.

Klaus was a good kid, never really drawing attention from others. But more dangerously, he was intelligent and everyone seemed to understand that when time went on. Klaus was never much of a fighter, getting picked on by other kids when he was in school. In a small insistence where he knew that he could quickly be overpowered and humilitated, Klaus out-tricked them first. Establishing himself more as someone who was quick thinking and someone who couldn't just be put under the rug.

His parents always believed that Klaus was a special boy. They just didn't know how special until he hit fifteen. The teenager was something more of a spectular show of his parents own hardwork in making sure they pushed him to greatness. Klaus was unrelentless and strong-willed. Like any 'good Russian', he was self-sufficient and when he was home all they spoke was Russian. He never lost the culture that his parents grew up in and that was something that they would never let him forget. Despite that he grew up being bullied by other kids, Klaus was kind. He tried as hard as he could to keep people from treating him like crap. But for the most part, he kept to himself. He was a lanky kid with no power over other people. He knew he couldn't outfight kids his own age, he just had to learn how to outwit them.

Klaus' powers came in during a difficult time in his life. When he was isolated from his other peers at school who didn't seem to care much about others -- what others would claim as a phase. Klaus would spend a majority of his time tinkering with old electronics, becoming the leader of the AV Club at his school. It was one day when he was alone that he heard the whispering. Because he was afraid, he ran home. Days after that, he kept hearing the whispers from things he didn't know until one day when he was at a Radioshack and all the electronics started turning on when he was there. Klaus panicked. Then he started experimenting.

Klaus knew he was different then other kids, not just because of the Russian heritage now but because he was a super. It was difficult for him at that age to find someone who he could trust. He didn't even think he could trust his parents. Usually just avoiding the subject whenever his mom or dad would say that he was acting strangely. Pulling away from his family and isolating himself, Klaus learned to experiment and hone his powers. It wasn't until his mom discovered him practicing that she and his father pulled him aside to go over what this meant and the fact that this didn't mean that he would be kicked out of the family but protected. He was, after all, their only son.

His parents helped when they could. As much as they could with both of them being 'normal' until it was something that was just another part of their lives. It wasn't until things just chilled out that it was the idea that he would just stick home came to light. Live his life growing old and working in the deli -- marrying a nice Russian girl and growing old in the same neighborhood that he grew up in. That idea terrified him more than anything else -- so when graduation came, Klaus decided to move out of the house and join the military. Not because he wanted to fight for the country he grew up in. He wanted use them to pay for his college education that he knew his parents would never be able to afford. Klaus did two years of active duty before he was allowed to move on to work in a military hospital, interning there while he went to school.

While Klaus was working as a resident for a large hospital -- outside of the military where he met Adelaide Russel. Adelaide never gave too much thought to any of the other residents that worked in the same hospital as she did. But Klaus was smitten just because she seemed to give him the time of day once during their interactions. Before giving him the cold shoulder afterwards. Much to everyone's amusement, Klaus followed her around like a lost puppy dog for the most part. Leaving compliments as notes but respecting her distance. It was Adelaide that caved and ignited the flame for the most part. It was while they were dating and things were becoming serious that Klaus decided to tell Adelaide that he was a super. But it changed nothing.

They married while they were just getting ready to finish their residency, In a nerdy show of their love, Klaus was sure that he found his soulmate with Adelaide and when they returned from their Disney World Honeymoon. They went right back to work right after, both ready to make a difference in the world and save lives in their own special ways. Together they were unstoppable. But Klaus was still working for the military and he had just gotten his doctorate by the time the Regiment decided to recruit him.

It was a terrifying reality that he suddenly had to think about, being a super that was able to mask himself carefully being asked to work for a place that took supers and turned them into agents -- into weapons. By the time he got around to telling his wife what he had been asked, he had already told them yes. It was the biggest fight they've ever had to date because it was extremely going out on a limb that could get him taken away from her. Klaus began working at the Regiment, in Florida as their secondary physican before receiving his doctorate and becoming their primary physican.

It was his wife finally getting a job for the agents at Limbo that had him finally moving to transfer over there to become their primary and focused physican while continuing to hide the fact that he had been working for the Regiment for the last several years.
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