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Logan Beckett
The Basics
Full name Logan Carson Beckett Code name Havoc Age (DOB) 32 / Career Agent Single/married/divorced/etc Single Orientation Bisexual
Abilities Gravity Manipulation
Beau has the power to manipulate gravitation around objects, people, and spaces. He can bend the gravity around objects/people to make them 'heavy' or 'light' as one would imagine if the gravity of a space had changed.

He can also change a person's center of gravity to something other than Earth, making a new focus point for it. He can flatten objects by the force of gravity and repel objects as well -- creating something akin to force fields. Sort of using his powers to mimic something of telekinesis when it comes to repelling or attracting objects to him. At most, he is somewhat capable of flight but it's of course...really not refined and usually ends with him stuck to the ceiling for hours.
Density Manipulation
Beau has the power control the density of objects and people. He can create density 'barrier' of sorts where it makes it impenetrable to harm a person. But Beau is also able to become or make things intangible. In the 'intangible' form he can create physical disruption. In essence he can cause a short-circuit in electronics and mess with the electrical waves in people's bodies causing them to drop.
Standing at 6'1", Lucas Frost can come off to some people as a seemingly undaunting man; lean with broad shoulders. Most people just take in the general appearance of him to know that he's not 'very trustworthy'. Lucas' inherited his mother's features, dark hair and fair-to-pale skin that makes him look like a movie villain more than someone who works for the government. While he typically keeps his slicked back over the course of the last six years as well as a wardrobe that seems very kept and well-thought out, Lucas' own style is very much different than how he usually appears to people he works with or agents he works with.

Usually kept up, during his downtime -- Lucas' hair kind of has a mind of its own. He will dress in typical 'dudebro' clothes rather than the Armani suits he keeps in his closet. Jeans, t-shirts, and leather jackets are usually what he licks to keep in his drawers much more than any suit. Basketball shorts and sneakers. Lucas lives with a perma-five o'clock shadow on his face and a tired look in his eyes typically. Nothing that really compliments his appearance as much as he wears for comfort and easy mobility.

Due to his new abilities, Lucas likes to layer his clothes. Typically wearing more than two shirts, he likes to keep covered up as much as possible. Unless it's a particularly warm day outside. He goes for neutral to dark colors when it comes to his clothes. Lucas has several scars from when he's been in fights over the course of the last decade. Because of the nature of how his ability has come to pass, he will be living with permanent bandaids and bruising for testing from the Research & Development division of The Regiment that he usually keeps covered up so other agents don't think they're going to be the next to be monitored like he is.
70% Extroverted
30% Introverted
62% Intuitive
38% Observant
12% Thinking
88% Feeling
76% Judging
24% Prospecting
8% Assertive
92% Turbulent
Beau isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. If anyone could actually describe him with that analogy he's more like the rusted tool they threw away. But what he loses in the brains department he makes up for in the sarcastic and 'worldly' department. At first glance, Beau is just some small town hick that most people write off. But he can be someone who is a good person to have in your corner. He might be dumb but he's usually the first one to sign up for the dirty work.

That's not to say he'll do it just to help someone who freezes. Beau actually really despises working. He might have worked since he was eighteen but at the height of the drug dealing business he had -- he was sure he wouldn't have to work a goddamn day in his life. He'd much rather just sleep and fuck around for the rest of his life but that's not going to happen at Limbo, unfortunately. Beau has a certain...uncouth behavior when it comes to people. He can come off as charming and will usually flirt with anyone who has legs. But he has a bit of a temper. Beau has a fiery temper which was what got him arrested in the first place. He can tend to be a bit reckless and when he starts throwing punches he doesn't really stop.

Beau likes to give people of authority a lot of guff. He mouths off and questions the decisions of his handler or the orders. He doesn't really like talking about his history or his family. For all his charm, Beau can come off as very self-loathing at times as well.
Born in the back of a pick-up truck on the way to the hospital. Already leaving his mark on Marguerite and Clement Thibodeaux. The family already lived with their daughter, Manon. But the only son of the Thibodeaux's it was more like Beaumont was born to ruin them. Marguerite had suffered damage while having her son that she was told she couldn't have anymore children thus in Clement's mind sort of made her 'useless'. But as in the South, he was tied to her by marriage and wasn't planning on a divorce. Clement snuck around on his wife creating a tense situation at home and Marguerite turned to drugs and drinking as a way to deal with it.

Beau might not have had a lot of brothers and sisters like his parents would have wanted but his family was quite large. He grew up around dozens of cousins that lived a couple houses away but were always there. The Thiodeaux's were the embodiment of 'white trash' for the most part.

Beau's home life was never something to be jealous of. He was used to violence in the home and used to just hide away in his room whenever his dad would come home smelling of beer while his parents argued, sometimes it turning violent. Then it started turning on the kids as they got older, Manon usually tried to shield her brother from it up until she up and moved out with her boyfriend at the age of sixteen. Beaumont was usually the brunt of both his parents anger to the point where he started drinking just to numb the pain at the age of twelve.

It was during a drug and alcohol fueled prepubescent stage that Beau's power of gravity manipulation came into full view. One night when his dad was a little more than violent than usual and when Beau tried to run away, in a backlash, Beau smashed the house as his mom tried to drag him back inside. Killing his old man and handicapping his mom who had been half-way in and half-way out of the house when it happened. Beau was hospitalized for exhaustion afterward.

At fifteen, Beau was learning to be more handy with his power. But not relying on it, it was more like he was afraid. The power made him sick. Exhausted. He ended up dropping out of school (along with a couple of his cousins) to which they all started running around before getting picked up to start selling drugs. Low-level punks to start out with. Beau got pushed into the inner circle for his smart mouth and honesty. But also his tight lips.

Beau ended up having his own crew by the age of eighteen and moved to a small town in Kentucky. One of his men ended up killing someone and because Beau is a good person, he ended up taking the fall. If only because the man was just a kid. Beau was hoping for a plea bargain but he ended up getting life with possibility of parole. That's where the regiment came in. Apparently his actions from his teenage years had caught up with him and he was put into a "work program" with the prison. Beau ending up being trained as a Wraith Agent at the Limbo facility in 2014.
Name. Sam
Age. 30
Timezone. AZT
Discord. blissy#9080
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PB. Boyd Holbrook