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David Maddox
The Basics
Full name David Julian Maddox Codename Powerhouse Age (DOB) 34 / January 14 1984 Career Agent (The Regiment) Single/married/divorced/etc Divorced Orientation Heterosexual
Abilities Super Strength
Dave has the ability of classified as 'super-strength' - it makes him able to stop a car mid-drive at what the Regiment discovered over the past four years the most he could stop is a car going sixty. He can't lift a semi over his head but he can bend metal, break locks, and shatter bones like nobodies business. He can also use his strength to jump very high but having super-strength doesn't mean he's bulletproof. He has his limitations of what he can lift and for how long. When he was younger he used to have difficulty controlling this power to the point where his parents had to get rid of the doors in their house because he kept breaking them. But he has learned control over that.
Adoptive Muscle Memory
Maddox can copy any movement/action after seeing it performed once, including acrobatics, martial arts, and other physical stunts. With these skills they can become masters and incredible at what they do, by combining what several forms and movements in rhythmic motions instead of using the same thing over.

Dave can copy how a person aims, giving themselves incredible marksmanship; however, if they wanted to use certain weapons, they would have to watch a person fire that weapon in order to be able to copy it (such as how to fire a rifle, as opposed to how to fire a bow, or how to throw knives or darts). His power only grants the ability to physically copy/learn new moves. He can't just hear a new language and know it or watch a medical show and suddenly have the capability of becoming a doctor.
Enhanced Reflexes
The power to drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing them to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to.

This power isn't 'super speed', he can just react faster than the average bear. He can still get knicked and has before in the past by something that moved a little too fast for his reflexes to catch up with.
Enhanced Senses
All his senses are heightened to the point where they're considered 'superhuman' meaning he can hear someone from floors away, see at extreme distances, smell what you ate for breakfast three days ago (please stop eating onions homies). But it does mean his senses can easily be affected as well. He can easily become overwhelmed if it's "too much" and when he was a child had to sleep in a sensory deprivation tank to actually block out the sensations of the world around him.
Homely looking and soft expressions, David is dark-haired, brown eyed. He stands at 5'10" and usually has a reasonable amount of scruff on his face to appear more like he has an "edge" but in reality, he's just lazy and doesn't want to shave it off. He's lean, athetlic body type makes him seem less stronger than he actually is. He looks like he puts much thought into what he wears for the day, usually sticking to jeans, boots, and regular -- black or grey tees but when he does wear color it's usually an "event" because he generally steers clear from that.

He's usually had messy hair and a deceiving looking smile. Deceiving enough to make it seem like he's unfazed by the work he does. Over his body he has plenty of scars from old missions that he has been on and a scar above his eyebrow from an accident he had while training in the Everglades facility under his previous handler.
70% Extroverted
30% Introverted
62% Intuitive
38% Observant
12% Thinking
88% Feeling
76% Judging
24% Prospecting
8% Assertive
92% Turbulent
David Maddox is the embodiment of 'a nice guy' -- someone who wanted to do something important for his community. He was a person that people knew they could rely on and he had the habit of creeping under even the toughest exterior to get to their 'gooey centers' for the most part. Dave in escence is a good man, he comes off to many people as a try hard but he really does care and is extremely emphatic to the wants and needs of other people.

He's an extrovert, he had to be. He was a science teacher with high school students which still leads to the fact that he gels well on multiple wavelengths. Because he could deal with teenagers. Dave isn't a hyper intelligent man but he isn't dumb. He's skilled with the things he enjoys. He can come off as a bit of a nerd when it comes to things he likes and has always tried to push others to achieving their own personal happiness. David as a part of Wraith is more of a shell of the warm man he used to be. While he isn't heartless, he's very meticulous and very much quite the opposite of many of the other supes. He stopped fighting back and trying to escape or be stealthy during the end of year two and by year three he was a dedicated member of his team.

He tends to separate himself from his own actions and won't likely take credit for them, celebrate or even chastise himself for what he does on missions. Sort of like flipping a switch, on the field Maddox is ruthless and goal-orientated much like an attack dog. Coming off most the time as 'callous' to others who have to work with him or someone who has 'drank the kool-aid' and is loyal to the organization that uprooted him from his life.

When he's back at the base he's much more similar to his warmer, softer side and tends to 'mother hen' most people. But he is a realist and tries to make sure everyone is aware that this is all they have in life.
David Julian Maddox was born to a "homely" couple that were into their years when they decided to finally have a baby -- after they got established in their careers and had enough with travelling. For the most part, Dave lived a somewhat privileged life and was always told to follow his heart. Both Adrian and Rebecca wanted to make sure they raised a self-sufficient and kind child. Something that seemed like they had succeeded at for the most part.

As an only child, most people would imagine Dave to grow up a little spoiled but his parents only gave him what he needed. He always had to earn the rest which caused him to work every harder. Most of the time, people appreciated his parents new ways of raising their boy. Even if other family members would spoil him rotten (his aunts were his favorite). The only thing that was ever truly "spoiled" on him was his education for the most part. He was always pushed to be the best in that way.

When David was reaching a certain age in his life, his parents decided that they wanted to try for another baby -- finding themselves unable to do so. They went another direction, adopting their daughter and David's sister, Darcy. Who they would find out later in life was exactly like her older brother even though they weren't blood related. It was in middle school that his entire life changed and the dreams his parents had for him to become a doctor or a Noble Peace Prize winner fell by the wayside. It started off with breaking the knobs off the doors in their house. Accidentally pushing open a door at school and knocking it off its hinges. It got to the point where Dave was too afraid to touch anything for fear he might break it -- his parents went by his wishes to isolate himself. But his mom pushed passed her son's barriers that he was building around him to try to help him through the trying time.

Dave's other powers kick started not soon after that, to the point where he would sleep in a sensory deprivation tank of his father's own making so that he could get some rest while his parents worked to try to figure things out. As it turned out, his paternal aunt had a similar 'affliction' but never came out and said anything. She moved in, teaching Dave how to focus and learn control so that he could rejoin society. It was in that, something new blossomed in David. The desire to teach.

Being in the public and being a super seemed to be like leading a double life. David hardly knew who was going to be accepting of his status since there were so many debates as more and more supers came out of the woodwork. He left Alaska to go to school in New York where he truly found his niche and eventually ended up finding Juliet Winters. David never believed people when they said 'love at first sight' but Juliet caught him: hook, line, and sinker but it was not a shared feeling at first. While it seemed the two of them were destined for different things they continued "bumping into each other" all over campus -- eventually beginning to date. Dave found his way under the 'tough exterior' just by pure chance. The two of them ending up married and while Juliet started to work at the CIA, Dave started working in the science department at high school.

Regardless of how much he loved his wife, he couldn't ever get around even remotely trying to tell her about his powers and what he was. Being discovered as a super was more...of chance rather than anything else. David had gotten in a car accident in which they tested his blood -- discovering that he was a super but it was never told to him that they knew. One night when he went out to the store, David could feel someone following him out to his car before he was taken.

David was put into solitary after being processed and moved to Florida. His powers made him one of the people that the facility wanted to push to mission ready, but David begged to go home. Subjected to rigorous training and torture-like conditions as a way to break him down, Dave was kept away from the other supes at the Everglades for the first couple months with zero human contact. Only a voice over the intercom to give him his tasks for the day. Initially, Dave fought back as any reasonable person would. He was, after all, an American citizen kidnapped by the government. The government that his wife worked for. For the most part, he did try to get out. Every time he was wore down a little more before his handler sort of dealt with the issue in more extreme measures -- weeks with loud music blaring into his room that made it impossible to sleep, a ruthless training regiment to stick by. Every single time he tried to be rebellious it got worse.

Eventually, it wore him down to the point where he became one of the Everglades most successful agents and a real 'company man' so to speak. If only just to make sure that he survived just a little bit longer and didn't just disappear or have to deal with much worse during his time at the Everglades facility. Recently, with the Limbo facility accepting more supers, Dave's transfer was put in to move there.

During his original stay at Limbo, David was reunited with his estranged wife -- Juliet Winters -- who had become a handler for the government program that had held him captive. While their reunion was brief, it was what helped David originally believe that he could start to get better from the mental torture that he endured to break down his personality as an agent. He was also reunited with his adoptive sister, Darcy, who was an agent along with him at Limbo. When life seemed to stabilize it seemed as though Juliet couldn't deal with the fact that her husband was an agent, deciding to dissolve their marriage with a letter and leaving. While David was heartbroken, in a way he understood and moved on.

Darcy was killed by a fellow agent, Clementine Garroway, in an accident with her abilities. Any strides that David felt like he was making was shut down, he spent weeks in mourning over the only connection he had in his old life. Once again, when David felt like he was going to get his life on track while socializing with other agents, he was lent out to another facility in Maine, where his wife had become a Senior Handler and the agent in charge of him this time around. The two successfully completed two missions, one including an espionage mission to get information on a Regiment-like program beginning in Russia by means of seducing one of the handlers from that particular area. David did get the information that was required, however, and the mission was deemed a success before his transfer was put back into Limbo.
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