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full name magnus atticus cutter birthdate & age 8 march 2610 & 45 alliegance his own damn self homeplanet mahoroba () residence gasworks, terminus

Erryn and Marguerite Cutter were never people of note. They weren't people who would land in the history books and would never be remembered as people who achieved something amazing. They were pleasant, an arranged marriage between the two of them from their families as a business deal between a farmer and a local shop owner after years of cultivating a relationship between the two of them seemed like the right thing to do just to make sure both businesses remained within the family. Magnus was born nearly ten years into their marriage, after years of working and focusing simply on their businesses. There was the quiet expectation that Magnus would grow up and run both the farm and the store in a small town near the capitol. But they were never "wealthy" enough to live in Arcadia.

Magnus had an easy enough childhood, he knew what was expected of him and he didn't fall short of the expectations his parents or extended family had. From a younger age, he knew that he was going to inherit the family business and that was his solitary goal in life. Not being able to move along and dream of something "greater" for himself. While most people around him knew that his family pretty much ran the small area that he lived in -- it didn't mean that he got any special treatment. Maybe from the adults who knew that future business ties must be maintained by treating him a little bit better than most of the other children. It did mean that it paid a target on his back for other children to poke fun at him, relentlessly teased and bullied when he was growing up. It pushed Magnus to focus a lot more on his studies rather than anything else. Mostly because he knew he would be employing most of his bullies one day.

Growing up, most people didn't think much of Magnus. Even when they tried to be nice to him. He was always much more sensitive than people would give him credit for, kind-hearted and someone that people felt others would inevitably take advantage of for their kindness. He was the type of person that would give the shirt off his back which was quite the stark difference from his parents and family who were almost always willing to just look the other way when people needed assistance.

It was his maternal aunt, Lidia, who tried to push him into something that he wanted to do rather than something he was expected to do. When Magnus was old enough and started having ideas of being able to go forth and protect people rather than being some no-named farmer on Mahoroba, Lidia brought him to sign up for the Alliance Defense Force. It as almost as if it were his calling. Magnus excelled more at that than he ever did when it came to business. He never returned to Mahoroba. Ignored communications between his parents or any family member with the exception of his aunt Lidia who would constantly contact him about how he was doing.

As his career as an ADF started, he found himself still maintaining that sensitive personality trait while trying to successfully push it down. It was during his time in the military that he met Elora Attes, practically "adopting" her in a way. They were both recruited into the 24th Special Squadron or as many people knew them as "The Ferals". Mags didn't crumble under pressure or the horrific things they did during the war, it was only afterwards when he was dishonorably discharged from the ADF and he disappeared with no other contact other than with Ellie. Displaced and unwelcome at his family home on Mahoroba -- Magnus was taken under the wing of a veterinarian on Terminus, apprenticing under her for years before she passed away. It was enough to get on his feet and start his own "animal rescue" for unregistered or unwanted animals. He started Raise the Woof in Gasworks, focusing more on animals because he knew that no matter how hard he wanted -- he couldn't save the people he wanted to.

facts & things Friendlier than you would think he is.

Painfully loves all animals -- would legit kill for them. Might have already.

In another life, he would have been a cook at a fancy restaurant.

Abstains from eating meat so he is largely vegetarian. Not vegan (he will still eat eggs and animal based products). But he won't eat meat.

Most people know him as Mags or Maggie and he will answer to both.