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Marion Day
The Basics
Full name Marion Conrad Day Age (DOB) 33 / July 3 1984 Career Head of R&D (The Regiment) Single/married/divorced/etc Single Orientation Asexual
Abilities While Marion Day is not classified as a super or an agent of the Regiment. Due to precarious situations, his father -- codename: Hyde, is classified as an agent of the Regiment. The powers listed below are those that belong to him.

Dr. Alvin Day's primary ability is that of 'possession'. Due to his illness, this ability has given him the capability to move from one body to the next by being capable of taking over the motor functions, senses, and mind of those that he jumps into. It goes without saying that it doesn't go ahead and 'switch' bodies like with body-swapping. Alvin has the capability to hijack someone for a certain amount of time, in this case this can usually last up to six to seven hours considering the severity of his illness. At the peak of his power he was capable of taking over someone's body at the maximum amount of time of twenty-four to forty-eight hours but over the years this has shortened. Possessing another body does, in no way, mean that he is incapable of getting harmed physically. Nor does it mean that if his body dies he can continue to live on in someone else's body. Once he's dead, he is dead. Another thing that he is incapable of doing is jumping into the bodies of other powered individuals. He must also be within a hundred feet distance between him and his target for it to work.
Memory Manipulation
He is capable of manipulating the memories of other people, either by fabricating memories of a person or by erasing time from their memories completely. Alvin is capable of pulling out erased, or repressed, memories of other people that can be used to assist them in better understanding their past. He has the capability of changing memories of a person either by one key factor (who was there) or what happened but never the same thing at once. He cannot use this power more than once without severely crippling someone in a way that would make it impossible to retain newly made memories. Or if they have some sort of psionic shielding that would keep them from being manipulated in the first place. This power, when being used in a body other than his own, is primarily done via skin-to-skin touch and not from a distance.
Marion looks more like he hasn't slept in days, dark circles around his eyes and dry hands just points to how much he works. He's usually seen wearing a dress shirt, skinny tie, and jeans. Usually the outfit is something he'll wear for days as when he fixates on the work he does when he believes he's on the verge of a breakthrough. Marion is more likely to have a messy mop of hair than something that looks like he's brushed it for the day but really he just focuses on his work rather than anything else. He stands at 5'11" and is leaner than other people, pale skin due to the fact that he avoids going outside. Marion wears thick rimmed glasses and unless he rolls up the sleeves, he has full tattoo sleeves on both arms done by a private artist who would visit him when he was at his house.
70% Extroverted
30% Introverted
62% Intuitive
38% Observant
12% Thinking
88% Feeling
76% Judging
24% Prospecting
8% Assertive
92% Turbulent
At first glance, Marion isn't the type of person people would believe has any business being in the career field he is in or capable of being the 'head' of anything. Marion is an incredibly shy individual, he's very kept to himself and quiet for the most part. When it comes to meeting new people he tends to retreat if only because he isn't sure how to start or keep a conversation going with people. Getting him to look a person in the eyes when he's talking is usually a near impossibility. But it doesn't take away from his wit or intelligence at all. Marion tends to take things more literally than most and does take vocal cues from people as a way to understand the message they're getting across. But he understands humor and is always there for a good laugh. Anxiety-fueled and a severe agorephobe, Marion has the tendency to stick to what he knows when he's in places that he's not familiar with. He's not there to make new friends, but really be as professional and useful as possible when it comes to the work he does. He does love having the capability to help other people around him at understanding things they might not and is mildly aware of the upperhand he has on people.
br> Marion is the least judgemental person someone could ever meet. He attempts very hard at being 'chill' and being around when people need him to be. He's very much someone that he wants other people to rely on. And always aware of the fact that differences doesn't mean a person is capable or incapable of doing anything as long as their hearts are in the right places. In that case, he can be very supportive to others without running around like an egomaniac considering the pedestal people in his field put him on.

He has a tendency of being too trusting in most cases. A lot of Marion's anxiety comes from the relationship he has with his father and the fact that he's had to live in a world he isn't allowed to talk about. Not even with the people who matter the most to him. He has a 'thin ice' belief when it comes to Alvin and his eldest brother due to their nature but is willing to do anything for them because of the acceptance he yearns from them for not being part of the superior side of genetics. He suffers a lot because of his lack of powers and doesn't do well in his own mind if he messes something up when he wasn't supposed to. Something that being around his childhood friends has helped him overcome a lot until they grew older and pulled away a little. Marion can be...easily influenced, for the most part. When it all comes down to it when it comes to his family, regardless of his feelings or history with them -- he will do anything to be there for them.

Dr. Alvin Day, or as the Regiment knows him 'Hyde', is more of a dominant personality. He isn't as easy to love as Marion is and tries to use those around him as tools for his own agenda. Regardless of if it correlates with the agenda of others or not. As a 'evo', where others aren't supportive of the Regiment -- he finds it the perfect platform to showcase the raw power that evolution has granted people and can act more like an egomaniac more than anything else. Alvin is a pragmatic and well-spoken man who doesn't try to have as many personal relationships as Marion seems to have. He doesn't flourish under them as he does but rather is more than always 'all business' and has seen that the tools he's been given regardless of the predicament that he is in is just enough to make his mark on the world.

Hyde isn't unruly but a realist and works on what he says is a different level than other people. He believes himself to be superior to other people and has the tendency to look down on others who try to 'assist' him when he doesn't think he any assistance. But he also isn't one to shy away from telling it like it is. He's apathic to other peoples emotions and while there might not be a saving grace in him when it comes to normal people. His focus on making advancements is to make life better for the evos that work within the Regiment.
Starting out early in their courtship, Dr. Alvin Day was a difficult man to love. Patricia Allen could see this. A lot of other people could see this as well. He had a short capability of romance and always went on about his grandoise plans for the future of the world rather than the here and now. But perhaps that was what made Patricia fall in love with him all the more. Because Alvin always had his sights set on the future rather than the present -- what humanity was capable of rather than what they were. The two met at a college party, Patricia studying law while Alvin was studying to be an engineer -- one having plans of a beautiful life in the suburbs, living the typical American life with children and perhaps a dog. The other had plans of being something better than what was expected of them, but settled firmly in his belief of the world around him. And the plans that were within his reach.

Their love confused a great deal of people but themselves. It made sense. But also, they were the only two like them that could really open up and speak about what they were. Something being coined in different scientific communities as 'supers'. Patricia fell in love with Alvin for his mind but he fell in love with her because of her magic. They settled in more of an urban setting in Atlanta before beginning their small but "happy" family for the most part. First their eldest son who was the pride of Alvin Day's eye and then Marion, followed a couple of short years by their youngest son.

Marion Conrad Day's life was nothing that people could say was normal. His teachers would say he was a bright boy but have difficulty in any sort of social setting. To the outside world, the Days had a charming life. Alvin and Patricia were the 'power couple' people dreamed they would be. But they usually had a neighbor or family friend watch their sons when they were away. Marion was always a little more withdrawn as a child, spending most of his time indoors as he found it difficult to make friends. When his brother was home, it was almost as if there was some sort of normalcy that could be said about the family. Alvin knew the importance of secrecy above all else. His boys wouldn't know about their parents until they were old enough and their own powers came in because at that was expected. Marion wasn't as bounding with energy as his older brother but what he lacked in an outgoing personality, he always seemed to make up for in blowing his father away with the things he would make.

School and socializing was always particularly difficult for him, which seemed to bring him to the attention of Scott Deacon -- who seemed to take on more of an older brother role to him than his actual brother. He flourished under their support of him. Spending almost everyday with the Deacon family rather than his own, he spent some time trying to convince Michelle Deacon that she should just let him come live with her. Adopt him was something that was regularly said about the boy who spent more time there with the entire troop of Deacons than ever with his own family. His life took too much of a spin when his brother hit puberty and gained the powers that his parents had expected. Then came the conversations.

For the most part, Marion didn't notice a change in his parents at first. There were little talks about how they were superior to everyone else, how they would have to learn to use their powers for the good of their own kind. Something Marion was barrelled into because the truth of his own genetics hadn't exactly come to light yet. Marion would daydream of what kind of powers he would get when he would become a super as his parents convinced him. Being exposed to an entirely different world that he didn't know existed in the first place. The only downside was that he couldn't bring Scott with him to learn about it.

Time came. Time passed. The stunning realization that Marion wasn't like the rest of the Days beginning to settle in even years after, even when Stormy got his own powers. But even then, the resentment trickled through every time his dad would be around. The Deacons household didn't just become a place to spend time at when he wanted, but his sanctuary from the feeling he got when he was at home. Alvin began telling him in different ways how he couldn't be related to them, how he wasn't going to be the most intelligent person compared to him. He was a disappointment and a failure. There would be more than one occasion when he would stay at the Deacons for the weekends, try to ask them if he could come with them if they were leaving on a family trip. Avoiding his family with the exception of Stormy who had become his shield when he was at home for the most part.

During high school because of a kindhearted counselor, Marion was finally diagnosed with autism. But this diagnosis was largely ignored by his father, it was his mother and his little brother, Stormy that helped where they could and when they could to better understand Marion.

Marion was studious and intelligent enough with the proper therapy and support to graduate high school early, voting to attend a closer college to home so that he didn't change too much of his daily life and still be within range of his family and friends. University was something that Marion excelled at. Finding his passion in science and engineering just like his father, it was the small hope that it would bring both Marion and Alvin closer together but it only seemed to drive a resentment in Alvin even more. Since classes were starting to become more available online, it gave Marion a chance learn from the comforts of his own home. He was thriving for the most part and retaining the relationships that he had made. Eventually, when Stormy was old enough, the two of them moved out together away from the toxicity of their family home.

When Scott joined the Marines, Marion's mental state suffered. He couldn't rely on the more than capable Deacons anymore to be his home away with home with the likes of Louis and Chloe really being the only ones in the house anymore without seeming like a creep. Marion stuck to his routine the best that he could. Mid-way through his college career, Marion was recruited by MIT after applying on a whim (via his little brother) as a way for the both of them to escape Atlanta the best way they knew how. By moving away. It was more of a shock to the system for Marion, regardless. Stormy's heart was in the right place but the execution was a little askewed. The two them, still, ended up moving to Massachusetts where he ended up graduating third in his class despite the late state that he had.

Marion's fear started to grow. With everything happening too closely together, being given a new job with the government and moving out of Atlanta. Despite it being years apart, he was never really given time to adjust to the changes around him before more changes piled up. For the most part, he did have a successful career. The company that hired him seemed more than willing to make accommadations for him, his own lab. A lab assisstant that would come in whenever he needed rather than when they wanted. He fell into a routine as best he could until he couldn't. Slowly intergrating himself in a stay at home position while his lab assistant performed the science under his dictation. Marion became a recluse. Pulling away from the world for the comforts of his own home and the structure he had there.

Being a recluse only seemed to add to his allure.

Marion was hailed as a benefit to the scientific community when it came to his groundbreaking research surrounding 'supers' (something he had never liked calling evolved people). To most, he was the man, the myth, the legend. But the work he did was twisted in a way that was unseen by him until later on in life. Marion continued doing what made him happy, surrounded by cats in the house he owned in Massachusetts while doing most of his work via skype and now a volley of lab assistants to work under him. While most people would push him to venture outside more often, make friends, do something -- Marion lived at his own pace and was more than happy with it. That was, until, his older brother darkened his doorstep with the news that their father was dying and he was the only one that could save his life.

Alvin Day was given a broad lifespan, but still an end date regardless. Patricia and his brother had done what they could to prolong his life without the expense of someone else's in return as much as they could work around it. The patiarch of the Day family had cancer. It was the same talk that everyone got, with treatment they could possibly give him a couple more years to live. But it was still something that would take him at some point. His brother worked Marion, so did his mother and father. Marion had a brilliant mind, yes. But what he wanted more was acceptance of his family. Even while he stayed at his parents house, it was constantly trying to convince him that it was a good thing because Marion wasn't like other people and their father could make his life much more fuller. That he owed it to the man that was his father to help prolong his life. That it would make him a hero...just like Scott.

That was really the only convincing the Marion actually needed. The only words.

The years following Marion and his father moved around. His father as Marion, making very much of a name for his son and thriving off the noteraity that came with it. Marion usually none the wiser because in his own mind, he was giving his father another chance at life. It wasn't until the very government they worked for caught on for the most part but for the sake of the fact of how sensitive the subject was -- Marion and Alvin were allowed to continue their work with the Regiment and as more of a liason at first. Alvin Day didn't see the Regiment as a repressive force for supers but for a way for them to reach their potential if left alone would take them years to achieve. They operated together more as 'side projects' as the timeframe that Alvin had within Marion started to grow more and more limited as the years passed. Alvin as an 'agent' while Marion rose within the Regiment in the Research & Development division.

During their time in South Dakota, it started to become more and more apparent to those who gained security clearance what the Regiment was willing to do to get supers on their side. Marion started working on the genetics of 'supers' before he made the discovery it was a jump in the human evolutionary chain. Coining the phrase 'evos' as the new politically correct term to call those with powers, Marion stayed at South Dakota where he was garnered for a new position in Limbo as Head of R&D where he was on his way to with Alvin in tow.
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