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Matt Deacon
The Basics
Full name Matthew Charles Deacon Age (DOB) 29 / August 21 1988 Career Junior Handler (The Regiment) Single/married/divorced/etc Single Orientation Heterosexual
About The second boy born to the Deacon family -- Matt has always lived in the reality that his own strengths are his own. Never having to believe he has to show up his older brother to gain more favor with their parents and while it's always been good to have a little friendly rivalry between siblings. He's never let it go to his head or affect his day-to-day relationship with his parents. Regardless of his age, he is an accomplished young man with a good head on his shoulders and a good heart when it comes to the people he knows and loves.
Setting him apart from his brothers, Matt has always seemed to match more when it came to the youngest sibling of the Deacon family -- fair hair and light eyes. Matt could be described as nothing more than 'picturesque' by other people who haven't gotten to know him yet. Strong features that he shares with his older brother that makes it easy for people to know they're siblings. Matt is broad shouldered and standing at a moderate 6 feet. He's lean and in shape which is something that he works on rather religiously.

If not seen wearing something more work-appropriate around -- Matt is usually seen wearing boots, jeans, and solid colored shirts. His favorite item that he has in his closest is a brown leather bomber jacket that he got from his old CO when he was in the Air Force. Matt has a very simple style and wile many people are lulled into a sense of trust when the initially meet him because of his easy smile and inviting expression usually on his face. All it usually takes is one full blown conversation for people to lose that impression of him entirely.
70% Extroverted
30% Introverted
62% Intuitive
38% Observant
12% Thinking
88% Feeling
76% Judging
24% Prospecting
8% Assertive
92% Turbulent
Matt can usually be described as a 'simple' sort of guy; he likes to take things as they come to the best of his capability (when he's not working). Matt is something of a professional when it comes to any work that he does. Being as it both his occupations (either previous or current) has had peoples lives hanging in the balance -- he tends to carry that on his shoulder a lot. A sense of responsibility that he knows other people have but he seems determined on carrying on in his own right.

He is a career-orienated man, first and foremost. He aimed to become Second Lieutenant in the Air Force and got it. When he was approached to start working for the Regiment -- he aimed for someting higher than whatever entry-position job they had originally hired him on for and he got it. Matt is what some people would call an 'overachiever'. He doesn't feel the need to compete with anyone even when people in the Regiment constantly talk about his older brother's successes while working as a Handler but more sees it as a way for them to have an opportunity to bounce ideas off of one another. That isn't to say that Matt isn't highly competitive. He is. He's ridiculously competitive. With other people.

Matt is seen a lot of the times as a "hard ass". As a handler, he is extremely by the book when it comes to training and mission scenarios that he may have to direct along with his partner, Riley -- who is generally the much softer one. Matt has a tendency of riding his agents a little too hard but the success in his strictness and Riley's laid-back nature is testament in the fact that they have yet to lose an agent under their watch. Matt might come in hot, but he can simmer down. If anything, it's just the concern he feels for his agents that keeps him from asking nice to them.
Born right on the cusp of being one of the older siblings and right in the middle with Kelly, Matt's life was somewhat more charmed than most peoples lives when compared to the group of them. The family he grew up in was loving and nurturing, what most people would say comes only in dreams and television shows back when television was something 'wholesome'. It was always something that was never forced on them to act the way they did but something that they were really steered in the right direction when it came to it. The middle boy of the Deacon family was always the most studious of them all, scrawny when he was younger and growing out of it when he was older. Like his other siblings, he never had any doubts of the love and affections that his parents had for him and the need to compete with Scott only came out of a friendly push that he enjoyed playing.

Matt never believed in his entire life that he was going to lose the love of his parents or the people around him. His family was a close-knitted group filled with positive rolemodels for him to look up to. Matt, himself, always took on a more studious role -- feeling comfortable in his own strengths when it came to that. He was never 'above average' intelligence like when it came to their close family friend Marion who was more like a brother to the siblings than he realized.

He was never the 'stand out' Deacon when it came to a lot of things. But he was the supportive one just like his older sister, Kelly. It was when he was younger that he sort of took on a new view of the world when it came to other people that he met in his life. He was always the one who was surrounded by people because unlike his siblings -- Matt could talk. He could talk his way out of any situation or put himself out there in a way that made people trust him. It was easy to see why he was so popular when he was growing up because he knew exactly how to talk to people -- and was genuine about it as well.

Matt was more or less the embodiment of what core values their family had when someone got down to it. He wasn't pushing to have people in his life but he was always there if someone needed a helping hand. When his older brother went off to join the Army (the Marines), Matt was practically biting at the bit to follow in his footsteps. To be able to help people in the same way Scott did.

Since he was in high school, there were two things that Matt knew beyond a shadow of a doubt. That he was destined for something greater and that he would always have his girlfriend with him. (Three if you wanted to count that he always had his family at his side). When Matt made the jump straight out of high school to join the Air Force, it was right when Bea was working on her own style of protecting people by going for the Police Academy. The thing with Matt and Bea is that they had been together since high school -- it should've told him right there that it was a doomed relationship. But Matt was a romantic at heart. Despite the numerous fights and the secret that Matt kept for her. She still ended up supporting him while he had went off to join the Air Force.

He was in the lifer position. His superior officers loved working with him for his unbridled attention to detail and his keen focus that other cadets usually didn't have when they first came in. Matt was, more or less, thought to be a career man from the first week he had enlisted onto the Air Force. While he was always station in places like Japan and Germany, it didn't pull him away from reaching out to the people he cared about back home. Or even when he got home which was usually planned as a wonderful surprise for Chloe and Bea.

Just before another one of his tours, Matt proposed to Bea; even when he was being told by his friends that he was being young and stupid by marrying his high school sweetheart because those things never worked out. And to everyone's surprise they didn't think it would work out with the young couple who spent a great matter of their time arguing rather than working things out.

Things became sort of 'normal' for a while, it was when he came back from tour and found out that Bea had not only left the police force but had started moonlighting as a vigilante that he started to get worried. It was with her reassurance that he believed they could work everything out between each other. Be smart, be safe. And for a while when he was back home, it worked. Until one morning it wasn't and he woke up alone without warning as Bea had disappeared some time in the middle of the night.

Matt was suggested for the Regiment by his superior officer once he returned back to active duty with a newer chip on his shoulder. The way the young man carried himself was a little different than what most people thought outright when it came to him. Matt had always been dedicated to his work, but he had never really been an outright machine. It was that that pushed his mentor to suggest him for a secret government group that had already approached him once before about anyone who was a step above the rest. Matt's name was always on his list but he never got around to suggesting him to anyone.

It slowly became well known that Matt was a step above the other handlers when he got transferred to Maine -- mostly because he worked with the Regiment's agenda of making soldiers. As a Junior Handler, he was difficult to work with and many of his partners would put in for a request to be moved only a short time after working along side him. He worked to create soldiers but more than that, he worked to make sure that these people had the opportunity to know how to fight for their lives. He cared, yes. But in the way that most people would say he was more like an army sargeant. But he became well-known for the fact that he hadn't ever lost an agent on the field.

Despite it all, they found a partner for him when it came to Riley Hunter. A UK handler, he was almost the complete opposite to Matt in every way that it was difficult for them to work together at first. After a year of trial and error on Matt's part when it came to other handlers. It wasn't even guaranteed that Riley would stay as his partner (a betting pool was made). But they started working well together and more importantly, Matt listened when Riley pulled him back from being too hard on their agents. They became well-known in many facilities as the junior handlers with the most successful missions/assignments under their belts. Even if they interacted with each other like an old married couple more than anything else.

For a while, he was quite pleased with staying in Maine for the rest of his career. Even quite pleased that he wasn't rising within the ranks like he usually aimed to do to continue working with Riley. It wasn't until April 2018 when his little brother Louis was killed in an accident and he was being told that his sister Chloe was the cause of his death. That she was taken by the Regiment. When he put in his transfer to Limbo after finding out that both Chloe and Kelly were now Wraith Agents, his partner followed along with him.
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