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full name matteo gunner de luca birthdate & age 16 august 2621 & 34 alliegance #teamkeler alliance homeplanet nibiru (belos) residence lowtown, terminus

Mylia de Luca was young and trying to do what she could to survive when she found out she was pregnant with her son. Everything was always about survival when it came to living in Belos. The work she did was questionable but necessary to keep food on her plate and whatever place she had over her head. It worked to her benefit, unfortunately, however. People seemed to have a real kink for that sort of thing and she was just as easily able to forget how life was whenever she got back to her room.

Gunner de Luca was born in a brothel in Belos. Destined to be forgotten or a criminal just as many people on Nibiru ended up becoming. He didn't live a charmed life, it was difficult. It was a gift to Mylia from one of her wealthy patrons that ended up with housing in Terminus. Frequenting Nova Heights usually as "arm candy" for the man that had purchased the living space in Lowtown for her and her child. Mylia did what she could to work as hard as she needed to provide for her child. Until she was attacked on the way home late one night. Gunner was left alone in their apartment at the age of two, for a day, until their neighbor was notified that Mylia had passed away. Gunner was handed to the authorities after that.

He became a ward of Terminus. Placed in a communal living space in Lowtown, Gunner grew up knowing not the hope that a family would pick him up. But that he would eventually just end up working on the docks or doing something for the government. It pushed him to work harder when most children his age were already giving up on their futures because it was already decided for them. Gunner was...extremely gifted and noted to be highly intelligent. Test scores through the roof and an affinity of learning things quickly.

Just as he was crossing over to his teenage years he was taken into a family that worked with a foundation for gifted but underprivileged youth and he was moved to Mahoroba. Gunner had things in Arcadia that he and his friends on Terminus only dreamed of. The wonderment and awe of the situation quickly passed. Often times, he was held up against his "new brother" Gael because he worked harder than he usually would to make sure they didn't send him back to Terminus. Being used as a tool that the Mattins would use to compare against Gael. When he became older he became more aware that his "foster parents" would talk about him as if they were doing such a great thing "by taking in the poor kid from the slums". But because he wanted to fit in he did what he could -- changing his name from Gunner to Matteo to fight in more with the Mattins and the society they brought him to.

Unlike his brother, instead of attending university as he got old enough. He joined the military, giving his brains a rest while he worked on doing more for the Alliance without doing exactly what the Mattins wanted. It still made them proud to an extent. And the small part of him that wanted them to remain proud to him -- becoming a soldier was his way of rebelling against the academic they were raising him to be and it backfired on him.

He was part of the military until the rebellion, where he was injured and lost a leg during one of the battles. It was at this point that he was honorably discharged from the army but he was not out of the fight yet in his mind. Being fitted with a prosthetic leg, he went back to the battlefield aboard a beat-down vessel that he managed to get a hold of, running supplies for the Galatic Liberation Front and the Alliance. Eventually the ship became The Mylia and he became her captain. With strongly influenced ties with GLF, The Mylia and her crew became a natural target for t-sec officers and peacekeepers alike for several years it was a mainstay at Terminus as one of the more dedicated scavenging vessels until one day it wasn't.

Rumors circulated the disappearance of The Mylia, but the one rumor that seemed to make the most sense still hovered as a cautionary tale for some. They stole a shipment from Korso and were scratched as a result of it. Which was entirely true. Matteo De Luca was the lone survivor with absolutely no memory of the years he had spent as a scavenger and tradesman, eventually being picked up by an Alliance ship...he was returned to an Alliance military base. Ultimately a blank canvas from the past several years, De Luca was pushed to train as a Peacekeeper and resurfaced recently as a Peacekeeper stationed in Terminus. Simply known as Gunner.

facts & things Has a prosthetic leg from the war that he may or may not have a secret compartment in for a gun. It's all a guessing game really.

Will arrest you if you look at him wrong and he's having a particularly bad day. Or if your name is Vash Kellar and you happen to walk past him.

Isn't fully awake until he has had his coffee. His most prized possession is his coffee machine that was stolen from his place once (and he tracked it down...the person who stole it is still in jail).

Suffers from debilitating migraines due to head trauma in the past. Usually carries around medicine.

Has a low-tolerance for alcohol.