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Neal Hadley
The Basics
Full name Neal Benjamin Hadley Birth name Jacob Benjamin Jones Age (DOB) 40 / July 21 1979 Career Agent Single/married/divorced/etc Single Orientation Bisexual
About Highly decorated in the military, Miles Shaw comes from a more humble background. While his strengths in firearms and intelligence gathering is second to none, the focus he's had in mediation and communications with the personnel and in-coming personnel is where his strengths truly lay. Shaw comes from a family dedicated to the Royal armed forces, the only child of Erik and Elizabeth Shaw. He's branched out from MI5 to the Marines to more of the 'private sector' as he would be willing to describe it. After his stint in Florida and heavily considering early retirement, Miles Shaw is living proof that you can't keep a man down.
Most people could call Miles something of a 'pit bull' -- standing at 5'9", he has broad shoulders and a stocky built. Shaw comes off as someone who looks more like a common street thug in the best of times than a military professional or mediator. Largely relying on the first impression for most of his agents to look more as a daunting figure when it comes down to it all. Shaw's body is decorated with several tattoos that he keeps hidden with long sleeves and shirts. His posture is not of someone who is proud of the work he does, slouching forward at times as if he's carrying something heavy on his shoulders. Miles looks tired or irritated most of the time when people approach him but when someone gets him smiling it's one of the brightest smiles in the room.

He dresses intelligently for someone with his appearance. While he will wear a suit now and again when it is official business. Shaw is a fan of jeans, sweaters, and bomber jackets which he primarily wears when he is dealing with agents or going on on missions. He usually has his hair chopped down with some facial hair that is managed so that people are well aware that he is at least caring about the way he appears when it comes to dealing with other people. What many people would probably notice is that while he may look like he's tough, he has very kind eyes when it comes to approaching other people.
30% Extroverted
70% Introverted
25% Intuitive
75% Observant
66% Thinking
34% Feeling
76% Judging
24% Prospecting
87% Assertive
13% Turbulent
A self-proclaimed 'softie' and universally proclaimed softie. Shaw is what most people say is someone people can rely on. He's very much in-tune with his own emotions and that of those around him. While he isn't so much as someone who will be entirely a 'pushover' and he does separate work from his life, he is someone who will very much be more approachable when it comes to peoples feelings or ideas. But in the end, he knows he has a place of authority and will not waver from the fact that he is still a soldier. Shaw is very much someone who operates with the idea that people are what they want to be. He pushes himself to excellence and expects nothing less from people he works with and people he trains. As their lives are in his hands.

Shaw tries to maintain a more optimistic point of view when it comes to people and objectives that he has to obtain. For most people, Shaw is a rock. He is someone who is emotionally stable and intelligent enough to get good ideas from and an impartial point of view when they need it. He thinks he's hilarious most of the time, willing to tell stupid jokes to lighten the mood once he's worked with people long enough. If he's your friend, you've probably seen about two hundred photographs of his dog and memes that he found funny at the time when he was scrolling through Facebook when he was bored enough to actually do something.

Shaw is a dedicated individual. He gets a job and he pours his soul into it. Most people have attempted to use this against him but to little to no success. If Miles feels like he's getting in over his head, he'll pull back from things a little and reevaluate the situation rather than aiming to impress or do something that he might regret later. A methodical man, he's a creature of habit and tends to stick to what he's comfortable with. Usually what he knows and sometimes will push himself to be an example for those that are looking towards him. Miles is typically armed with sarcasm and the idea that people might end up taking what he says too seriously. He's always prepared to manuvear a conversation to one where the its the better end result rather than having an agent rush away in a huff.

In light of recent events in Florida, Miles has been suffering from PTSD. While some military personnel would just attempt to work through it, Miles very extensively knows that if he's going to get better he'll need better tools than what he has. While Miles is a big advocate of self-care, he has a big habit of forgetting to take care of himself. He has gotten into the habit of pulling away from certain situations, especially when he feels anxiety building up and for the last year has been making strides in his own care and coping mechanisms but has, all in all, come to the hurried conclusion that stepping out of peoples lives right now is probably for the better. Especially when it comes to the lives of the agents he has trained for years in Florida.
Erik Shaw and Elizabeth Montgomery met when they were young -- feelings were matched between the two of them and most people believed they were more than a lovely match. Life was an adjustment for Elizabeth at first, her husband was part of the Navy and was a career man in it. She made due with the life she was marrying into -- the moving around, the numerous faces and coming and goings of military men. She flourished in her new life. Happily married and with a baby on the way, Elizabeth was more than prepared to have this be the way her life was for the rest of it. Erik Shaw would never get to meet the man his son would be, Elizabeth ended up a widow when Miles was three years old and it was more than a traumatic event for her. The young woman ended up moving back in with her parents, Erik's family an active part in Miles' life. They did what they could to maintain a normal, happy life with just Liz and Miles.

Miles grew up with the knowledge that his father was a hero. Aside from his father Erik being a member of the military, all the Shaws were a part of the military. It was just in the blood as his paternal grandmother would say. Miles never grew up with the fact that he was without something important in his life. He lived off the stories and memories that his mom and uncles would share of his father. It was something that he worked on surviving with. But it didn't take away from the fact that he was without something important in his life. There were times when Miles was a child that he was just grimly reminded every now and then that he never really had his father in his life. Something that seemed to get even worse when his mother tried to date other men.

He dealt with it. For the longest, Miles bottled up his emotions about how he didn't think it was fair that the only person that would show up to father-son events was his mom or grandfather. He grew to resent his family in this case. They tried very hard to push to have Miles feel like he wasn't going without but in the end it just made it seem even more glaringly obvious that he didn't have what other children had.

Trouble in school was as expected. He acted out -- lashed out -- at people for not understanding what he was going through was grief. The earliest sign of it for him. His mom tried and for the most part, held him together fairly well. There was not a lot of things that Miles went without to make it seem like he could point the finger at that point of his life that caused him the most sadness. Instead, Miles started to learn how to deal with it eventually when his mom made him go to therapist. More than that, she went along with him. It was during this time in his life that he realized his mom wasn't ignoring the pain but that she was surviving it. The same as he was. The same as their entire family had been.

They grew closer after that. It shortly became Liz and Miles versus The World. She didn't try to placate or replace Erik but rather just try to do what she could as Miles' mother and the person who he needed more than she realized. Shortly after they started bonding, Liz moved out on her own with her son in tow. Now making it more official that she wasn't going to let herself be stuck by the past but rather move forward with it.

The decision to join the military, was largely his own. More so to honor his father. Much to the chargin of his mom who now was faced with the reality that Miles could very well have the same fate as her late husband. But she ultimately respected that Miles' decision was his to make. For the most part, boot camp was exactly what he had expected it to be. Miles didn't rise within the ranks at a blazing speed nor was he someone who was standing out in the crowd. But he was someone who met a lot of the requriments that most people seemed to overlook when it came to being a soldier. While he had initially aimed for Navy just like his father, Miles ended up being transferred into the Marines upon recommandation of his superior officer.

Miles found that he had strengths that other Marines did not. While others largely focused on the military part of it, Miles became enamored with the intelligence part of working within the military. He started his training in mediation between their soldiers and others that would come aboard while they were stationed in places overseas. Miles became a sort of amabassador for his unit -- learning conversational languages to keep him up to date with things that would happen on the bases that he was living in. It was his goal to keep with the people they would bring onto the base and he was usually one of the first people anyone new would meet.

Shaw's Marine lifestyle slowly sequed into one of intelligence. Because he had been more than an outstanding soldier but it was becoming more and more obvious that he was not going to remain in it as a career. His superior officer gave him the contact information for MI5, something he assumed would be a much better fit for Miles while still keeping him in some kind of service to his country. It was appreciated, for the most part, and Miles was on the short list of highly qualified candidates. But his career in MI5 was short-lived and stopped abruptly when he was approached by someone with the ideas of him becoming someone who worked for an American military Black Site.

The decision process was more grueling that actually becoming a handler. Largely on the fence about uprooting his entire life. Ultimately, Miles allowed himself to be moved to The Regiment where he was stationed in West Texas (Inferno) where he was partnered up as a junior handler with Saffron Gupta. While most on the outside would assume because of the difference of their approaches when it came to dealing with how they handled things -- both Miles and Saffron were more like a well-oiled machine than anything else. While Miles provided just a tad bit of a softer touch, they both shared the same vision on how they wanted their agents to be trained. They worked extremely well together, where one ended the other began so to speak.

When the inevitable promotion from Junior Handler to Senior Handler occurred, Miles was transferred out of Inferno and into Florida. Luckily, accustomed to below ground living. Miles still maintained the strict, impartial attitude that he had with his previous agents. Just as he and Saffron had maintained as junior handlers together. It was here that he met his future wife, Olivia Hunt, another handler who was on the fast track of becoming Director of the facility. The two went on to marry while on holiday in England, what Olivia's family called a 'destination wedding' but for Miles it was just so that his mother would stop from worrying.

Despite the status of being the "husband" of the facility's director, most people understood that how Miles got to the position was through his own merits. Rather than his connections. Miles was a dedicated handler to the agents that he did have and firmly had loyal agents under his care for several years. It wasn't until a mission going south that people seemed to question how things could go bad for handlers in the field, just as agents.

Miles, for the most part, was at the Field Command Center while his agents were looking into a low-level domestic terrorist group. Evos that were planning attacks on the government, something that they had been following for months. It was more of being blind-sided than anything else when they discovered that a teenage girl was part of rallying the terrorist group together to mount the attack but she had slipped out while the agents were fighting. Miles noticed the exit route and that it basically ran right in front of where he was. He approached with as much caution as one could have with an evo with unknown abilities, the sixteen year old seemed...innocent. Almost instantly surrendering to the man with a gun drawn on her.

Ava Harris, was a mind controller. With a touch, Shaw was under her command and basically drove her out of the battle zone himself. For six months, agents of Underworld stalked behind the pair of them. While Miles was never publicly involved in any of Ava's attempts to bring 'justice' for evos, he served as her bodyguard up until a mission brought the Wraith agents and Ava face-to-face. Miles was shot in the process of his own "rescue", Ava was claimed to be killed on the spot. Shaw returned back to Underworld and was told by numerous people to ease back into the life he had almost lost.

He felt more like a stranger than anything else. It drove a wedge between him and Liv to the point where Olivia thought it would possibly be better if they separated for a while. Offering Shaw a transfer and some help. Miles remained rooted where he was. Incredibly stubborn and just wanting to reclaim his life as it were. They inevitably filed for divorce just as Miles started seeking help for PTSD and what he felt was him disassociating from the life he was once leading. It helped. Slowly but surely, Shaw received assistance in gaining more coping mechanisms to deal with what he had gone through.

Even though, it still didn't provide the takeaway that he desired. Shaw started discussing with people the opportunity of putting in for an early retirement due to the extreme circumstances of what had happened the previous year. It was, more or less, the reason for his trip to Washington -- as a way to confer with the only individual who knew him better than he knew himself -- his former partner, Saffron Gupta.
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