Petyr Kushnir

Dennis Caplan

Sarah Baxter

Christian Harper

The Pack

Information on Petyr Kushnir -- his origins remain shrouded in mystery and unknown. Due to references he has made to what he has survived throughout the years, Kushnir is far older than most people believe wolves are capable of surviving. Throughout the years, Kushnir has traveled from one country to the next turning young adults that he seeks out to find the ideal canditates for what he deems the perfect pack. Despite main beliefs that most werewolves believe those true born are 'the perfect werewolf', throughout the years and cultivated history, Kushnir has found that 'true born wolves' tend to have some form of inbreeding and thus dirties the gene pool. The myth and legend surround werewolves that are turned by another and this is where his obsession stems from.

Kushnir's known history has alluded that he has worked as a nazi scientist at one point (which he has), using the nazi experimentation funds and Hitler's obsession with the supernatural to try to create his own perfect race. The number of people Kushnir has turned is unknown, the only thing that is known is once he gives up trying to hunt them down to join his pack he ultimately wipes the slate clean and kills all of his creations before starting over again.
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