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Dean Ramsey
The Basics
Full name Dean Elijah Ramsey (Jr) Age (DOB) 32 / September 17 1985 Career Agent (The Regiment) Single/married/divorced/etc Single Orientation Bisexual
Abilities Ambient Energy Conversion
Dean has the ability to absorb 'ambient energy' which is more of saying that he can absorb energy just by standing in the sun or by being in a room where there is a high electrical current. Ramsey's power of ambient energy conversion is being able to translate the energy of the area around him in a way that he can use to send out concussive blasts/waves that can cause damage to others. His power of ambient energy conversion is directly tied with his plasma emanation ability -- with ambient energy conversion he can use the energy cells in his own body.

Ramsey absorbs energy into the cells of his body, but once he's even somewhat powered up, he cannot absorb more energy than what his body is capable of being able to translate as useable energy. The cells in his body can't overload themselves with even more energy, whatever energy he takes into his body after the fact is negated by the energy already within his body. The ambient energy that he absorbs is more like his body working to keep itself alive. Working much like a plant, it is metabolized into his body after a period of time (usually takes up to ten to twelve hours) before being able to be used for any of the other powers that is powered by this ability.

LIMITATIONS Ramsey has no control over this ability. He is constantly bringing in energy from around him, unlike with his energy absorption. This power generally, if used too frequently, could be more damaging on his body. If the output of energy does not match the input, Dean can lose consciousness. After utalizing all the energy he has built up, it takes him around twenty-four hours to get back to full strength again.
Energy Absorption
Akin to something like kinetic energy absorption. Ramsey has the ability to absorb energy in the way of more direct methods than just 'ambient energy' of the environment around him. Though it doesn't have the same benefits as someone with kinetic absorption. It does give him the capability to become more durable when he absorbs enough energy from the more active sources around him. Dean uses this power as unconsciously as he used 'ambient energy conversion'. It is just something that his body does. While it can be used as a secondly way to build up for the plasma emanation strength, it requires more physicality than ambient energy so he is likely to become more injured to gain energy from it.
Plasma Emanation
Dean has the ability to shoot or emanate plasma energy in the form of a blast or discharge. The energy that he gives off usually comes in the form of a concentric circle of red energy that extends past through his arms when he's directing more concentrated blasts towards people. The waves of energy can also come from all directions, though the more accurate way to make sure no one else gets caught in the blast is through the extending of his arms and focusing the energy through his hands. Something that does take focus to make sure that the people around him aren't injured as well.

Striking an object with this ability that creates a hot plasma emitting from his body can cause things to shatter, explode, or disintergrate. Ramsey can adjust the energy levels he emits as well which could just cause a person to get a severe headache from the power directed at them.

LIMITATIONS Ramsey can really only get off two powerful concussive blasts in the span of a day. Low-level is something he's more practiced at to keep from depleting his own energy in which could have adverse effects on him.
Microwave Energy Manipulation
Ramsey's most notable ability.

Dean Ramsey has the power of microwave energy manipulation: giving him the capability of manipulating the Earth's electromagnetic field and be able to focus on a potential target to melt, burst into flame, or explode the target in question. Dean's own power over microwave manipulation is limited, it doesn't have a global effect when he utilizes the power of being able to in a more offensive way. With this power, he can sense microwave emissionable objects (cell phones) that he can use to gain more of an upper hand on enemies that he may be facing out in the field. Ramsey has the power to radiate his own aura of microwave energy which could cause a distruption in electronic devices.

Ramsey can give off an extreme amount of heat because of his power be used to cause fires and explosions which depending on where he how much he focus on an object (or even person). While impressive capability, Dean is not immune to the own fire that is caused by him. And can be grieviously injured because of the fact. Because of the nature of the power he has, Ramsey is always radiating microwave energy. Something that can be harmful to those around him and has proven to be in the past. Because of this, his powers are deemed too unsafe for prolonged exposure and shut off when he is around other agents, handlers, and staff.
Standing at a daunting 6'2", Dean Ramsey is a lean man. He doesn't come off to many people as someone who could be labelled as 'dangerous'. He has nearly shoulder length hair most of the time and his natural hair color is a dirty blonde that he has changed over the years to suit the needs of the time currently. Ramsey looks mostly like he has been living in the mountains, spending most of his time on the streets prior to being in The Regiment than taking care of himself. His clothes that he owns look worn in. A style of mostly blue jeans and band tees that he has collected over the years and what has been given to him from the "kindess of strangers".

Ramsey doesn't have any sort of collection of tattoos on his body. But he does have scars on his body that he doesn't really wear with pride as much as he wears with shame. Because of his history of being a vagrant with no way of having a decent place to hide at night -- Dean has scars on the palms of his hands where 'anti-evo' radicals had hammered him to a spike along with two other vagrant evos that they managed to get ahold of.
70% Extroverted
30% Introverted
62% Intuitive
38% Observant
12% Thinking
88% Feeling
76% Judging
24% Prospecting
8% Assertive
92% Turbulent
Ramsey is a man of few words. He believes that action is the best way to show people how he truly is. With that in mind, Dean is what most people would call someone who can handle himself under times of stress. He's an intelligent man who knows how to live off the grid when he wants to. Avoiding people is something that he's best at and building relationships with other people just tend to make him nervous and uncomfortable. He has undoubtedly built relationships with people, however. There is no way around human interaction regardless of how much he likes to keep to himself when it comes to others.

Dean is the type of person who will let someone know if they are getting on his nerves. He isn't likely to beat around the bush and when people tend to gravitate towards him due to social circumstances. It doesn't really sit well with him but he puts up with it the best way he can. He doesn't like to seem 'unfriendly' to other people but he has a tendency of leaning that way just simply because of the nature of his powers and the fact that he could get people really sick to the point where he feels a personal responsibility towards them. Dean is the type of person to be self-sacrificing regardless of what he says contrary to the fact.

Dean is open and honest when it comes to what is on his mind. Over the years and his travels, he has met many other evos in different situations that has led him to believe that living 'just for yourself' isn't a way to live at all. Dean isn't 'angry', he's actually extremely level-headed when it comes to a lot of things. He comes off to many as deeply apathic to what people want and how they are interacting with the world around them. But he does actually care.
Janice Negan was a bright girl. There was a lot of people who would tell her that she had her whole life ahead of her when it came to terms with her future. She was smart as a whip and unwilling to back up from a fight when it was something that she truly believed in. Most people imagined her ending up as a doctor, living in a big city with the normal amount of children and a doting husband. What she got was Dean Ramsey (Senior). Dean Ramsey was...a confident man. He was a charmastic man that seemed to pull Janice in even more than anyone else in her life. Regardless of what her parents said, Janice followed after him -- abandoning all her dreams and expectations of her own future for a man.

The pair of them traveled in a caravan throughout the Eastern Coast of America. Before setting in with a commune of people who seemed to worship a man they called 'Dante' -- a powerful evo that lived in the mountains. For years the Ramseys lived there before their son Dean was born.

Dean Ramsey Junior was the center of his mother's life. The light of her life. Dean was always a bit of a wonder to the people that lived in the little commune that was sheltered in the woods. He was used to his dad putting 'Dante' ahead of him always, Dante's wellbeing. It was when Dante started talking about the future of the world. Janice finally stood up to Dean Sr. The back bone she didn't have before. The family moved from the commune to continue travelling on the road together. Now with a bigger scope of the world, it seemed like the better way for their son to be raised rather than to have him stuck and following a psychopath. It was a couple months after they had left that they learned that the commune had been raided and the people -- including Dante had been apprehended. Something that stuck with the young couple as nearly dodging a bullet.

Ramsey was used to travelling around by the time he was five. They never stayed in one place for too long. They lived in the wind, as it were. Sometimes, during his favorite times -- they would live in coastal towns. In a motel of course, but something that was very near and dear to Ramsey just the same. It was those memories and those moments in his life that gave him something to look back on when he got older. The thought of adding to their family was something that was usually spoken about before being brushed under the rug. Having Ramsey on the road was enough for the two of them. It was difficult.

He didn't start to notice that his family was different from other families until he was older. When he realized just starting out highschool that he didn't have a 'best friend' and he'd never had a girlfriend that lasted longer than a month because his parents would pack up the van and they would move on. As magical as his childhood had been, it was a horror for someone when they were getting older and wanted to have those relationships in his life. Ramsey started becoming more combatant towards his parents way of life and the fact that they didn't stay in one place for too long. In the end, it didn't really matter.

When Ramsey was sixteen, he'd been in and out of juvie in different states. Teachers hated him. He pushed people who tried to help away just based on the fact that he knew it wouldn't really last that long. Whenever he was sent to jail, it was probably the most stable his life had been since he was an infant so he stopped caring or worrying if it reflected poorly on Dean Sr. and Janice. Diamond, Illnois when Ramsey discovered he was different from everyone else. In true form, he was picking fights with the local kids. He'd been cornered and it seemed like he was going to get his ass handed to him before he exploded for the most part. Waves of energy blasting the other boys back, giving him the time he needed to get away. His family left town earlier than expected.

Both his parents seemed overly cautious when it came the fact that their son was a "super" -- as if they needed to protect him from the world a lot more than they would've. They switched enrolling him into school for homeschooling. Ramsey wasn't allowed to make the human connections he had before. They spent a year like this until Janice and Dean Sr got sick. By the time they decided to go to the doctor, it was already too late for them. They died of cancer caused by radiation and Ramsey was thrown into the foster system until he turned eighteen.

When Ramsey turned eighteen, he took the quickest opportunity in his mind to get money and good benefits. Enlisting into the military just meant that he would pick up with something that he was already used too. It was just a matter of keeping his status as an evo underwraps from the people he worked with. It was easy for the most part. Ramsey's job took him to different bases all around the world. Even before he got settled into an assignment, they were asking him to move somewhere else. Spending only a couple months or nearly a year before getting moved somewher else. It was the easiest time in his life to make connections with people who, also, had to move around not by choice but because of the work they did.

Dean didn't rise in the ranks like some people. He was never anything spectular to other people. He was just someone who did his job and kept his head down. It wasn't about 'serving his country' it was about getting away from people. That was until he met Alexandra Sharpe. Alex was a MP on the base in Germany that he was stationed at that it was easy for him to get to know her if he was usually threatened with a court-martial here and there for behavior before he shapened up. The two hit it off remarkably well, more than anyone he had ever had something of a relationship with that the time he spent in Germany lasted a bit longer than usual.

When Alex was diagnosed with cancer after two years of being close to Ramsey. He couldn't not see the pattern that was building. While Alex was getting treatment, Ramsey went AWOL from the military when he had some leave come up.

Dean started his trek across the states after that. Changing his name every so often. He made it so that he wasn't particularly close to anyone for very long. All he had in his life was the clothes on his back and whatever money he could manage to get ahold of. He did honest work and he did not-so-honest work. Ramsey would always admit the fault for any of that. But it was much better than the other choices in his life. Traveling across the country from the East Coast, Dean eventually landed himself in working with a small crew that would eventually land him with following and working with Gage Mercer and Alika Dixon, knocking over banks in LA.

For the first time in years, Dean felt a real connection to other people. But he knew it wasn't going to last. On the eve of one of their bigger bank jobs, Ramsey ghosted. Disappearing into the night and moving on without a word or a mention of where he was going. Dean continued on with his life and imagined, for the most part, that Gage and his crew would do the same.

Dean's travels across the country eventually led him to some backwaters town of Mississippi. A place called Shuqulak and if someone were to try to attempt it -- it would just come out a mess and a half. At least in Ramsey's mind but it was small enough that newcomers were launded as either being in the wrong place or just passing through. Dean's "type" of people were especially unwanted by the people of the small town. But he kept to himself, just outside of town limits to keep his head down and doing odd jobs around town to get some money in his pocket and food in his belly.

Small town comes with small town suspicion, however. Something that Ramsey should've been worried about more than anything else when a small group of runaway evos had stumbled into town as a way to hide away from people that seemed to be looking for them. The town was up in arms, calling for a witch hunt the moment someone caught wind of it as Ramsey did something he typically would not have done and hid the teenagers in the motel room he was staying in. He still kept his head down whenever he would go back into town, catching the whispers of small-minded people talking about how the evos were going to come and take over their town. That they needed to catch them. That they needed to keep their families safe.

The witch hunt eventually led them to his door. Ramsey didn't feel like it was his place to pick sides. It was his people and a town he just happened to be in at the time. But it just made the townpeople believe that he was an evo. The deputies of the town ended up raiding his home, packing up the evos that Ramsey was hiding along with the stranger himself. As a show of small town ridicule, the small group was walked through town with their wrists tied together. The younger evos too terrified to use their powers and Ramsey still hoping he could convince them that he wasn't one. It didn't matter. He was already prosecuted the moment his door was opened to people that were not like the others. Not normal.

In almost a barbaric event, the evos were nailed by their hands to wooden stakes and left out in the summer sun for a couple days. But a couple days was enough for Ramsey. Being directly exposed to the energy was enough for him and in more of desperation than anything else, the energy that came off him that had been laying stagnent for years leveled half the town. Killing the young evos also captured along with him. When The Regiment came as an immediate call, Ramsey practically went willing.

Dean Ramsey became Concussion, a member of Underworld's facility. Due to the radiation that his abilities gave off, his powers were forced on permanent shut down for the safety of those around him but he became one of the more notable and effective agents of Underworld. Spending a lot of his time off on missions that required a less gentle touch. He worked well with his handlers and was remarked as one of the more 'better behaved' agents that could come from a situation like he had. Being moved to Limbo was just a new stage of the game for Dean and something he practically willing accepted.
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