739 Church Ave.
Relatively new to the scene, Spirits bar and books is in a realm of its own with a mix of modern and retro stylings throughout. Boasting a more natural flow throughout the large, two story bookstore the unique atmosphere comes off as friendly and ambiant in returning its visitors to the roots of entertainment with plants and invoking the desire to commune with nature. Natural lighting comes through the skylights all day and in the evenings, the city lights create a lovely ambiant glow for those looking to sit at the bar or for those that wish to venture into business when its dark out.

The second floor has a cozy seating area and those with strict permission from the enigmatic owner, Benjamin Reaves, to visit the forbidden book and occult section. Without public knowledge, Spirits does boost being one of the only 'true neutral' locals in the City with a spell over the building that makes one unable to use magic against another in a harmful way, supernatural creatures cannot commit acts of violence in or around the premises.

Those interested in being hired on for one of the many employee spots feel free to contact here! Hours are from nine am to two am, last call at one.