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Alejandro Vargas
The Basics
Full name Alejandro Emmanuel Maldonado Vargas Codename Icarus Age (DOB) 38 / May 16 1979 Career Agent (The Regiment) Single/married/divorced/etc Smitten with Orla Applegate Orientation Heterosexual
Abilities As Limbo's first synthetic evos and one of the initial synthetic evos -- Lucas' powers can come off as relatively weak in some cases to some of the strongest that the base has. Synethic evos abilities are highly unstable. Lucas' powers are no exception to the rule of people messing around with something they shouldn't. Only 25% of people exposed to the process of creating a synthetic evo actually survive. Those who do survive have major side effects -- while others have added physical mutations, psychotic breaks, etc. For Lucas, his powers operate with a sort of addictive/need to use them and flaring his temper. If his powers are used too much, he gets physically ill.

Long story short, Lucas has the ability to manipulate ice.

With his cyrokinesis, Lucas can generate and manipulate ice using the preexisting moisture in the air to draw in and use for his own benefit. With that, he has the capability to use the air around him (so to speak) to use as a weapon -- with that he is capable of creating any form that ice would typically take: snow, slush, icicles, ice spikes, etc. Basically, Lucas has a form of ice manipulation that he can utilize with a certain amount of control. Able to use it as a weapon or a shield whichever the situation asks for and given the amount of energy he puts off to use it.

Because Lucas isn't born an evo, his body has a difficult time adjusting to the temperatures that his power is capable of giving off. Where other cyrokinetics are unaffected by the cold that comes with their powers, Lucas' body cannot adjust quickly enough to the cold that comes off of him.

While he can spread ice around him, he isn't capable of making ice disappear or melt faster. What ice is there has to run the course or be heated away by various methods. While most of his powers are theorized because of the newness of them. Lucas has the ability to effect the temperature around him and utilize it to make the area around him colder. He can also use preexisting conditions: such as water and rain to use his powers as well. Capable of creating rain into hail or snow as it's falling. But using his abilities to make it colder does have a direct effect on his person and can plummet his own body temperature.
Heat Empowerment
Lucas has the ability of using heat as a strength more than a boon. Unlike other cyrokinetics who become stronger the colder it gets, Lucas is the opposite. The hotter it is, the stronger he is. Increasing his body heat adds to the strength of his cyrokinetic abilities but also him as a person. Heat empowerment doesn't exactly mean he's immune to anything that gives off heat -- he doesn't have an immunity to fire. But rather the heat that comes from fire helps him. It doesn't mean the ice he generates is immune to heat/fire either. It's still a clear and viable weakness that Lucas has when it comes to the ice that he generates. Ice is still affected by heat and fire and still melts under extreme temperatures. Lucas' power is mostly taken from the fact that once he gets warmer, he gets better at dealing with the cold that his body now gives off.

While cold, Lucas' body is weaker and more observant of the limitations that come with his new powers. When he absorbs heat via his thermal absorption ability, he can gain superhuman strength, durability, speed, and healing. It enhances the length of time he can use his ice ability but only to a certain extent -- sort of like a Catch 22, built in failsafe to ensure that everything has equal balance when it comes down to it. While the heat will make Lucas physically stronger and capable of using his cryokinesis in longer lengths of time. The use of cold will eventually catch up to him.
Thermal Vision
Lucas has the ability of using 'infrared preception' as it were. He can view the changes in temperature in the area around him and sense heat coming off objects. Lucas has the ability to see the changes in variations of temperature in objects, environment, and people. Basically...he's a snake. While useful, if the changes to the environment are drastic and able to shroud people behind it (say heat from a steam pipe that emcompasses an entire area) Lucas would be unable to determine the difference between the environment and the people in it. He has little to no control over this ability and it comes and goes as the time goes on. Usually causing migraines for over-use in its wake.
Thermal Absorption
Lucas has the ability to absorb heat from his surroundings and other things. While largely atmospheric absorption, he can draw the heat from the air around him as well as objects and the environment to warm himself up. It doesn't build directly into his heat empowerment unless in massive doses of heat: directly in the sun, standing near a fire, a hot pipe. The ambient energy he absorbs only serves to maintain his normal body temperature.

Via touch, Lucas can absorb the body heat from other people. With this he can gain more of a direct hit of heat to feed into his heat empowerment. He can cause exposure conditions via touch depending on the lenght of time contact is maintained: extreme drops in body temperature, migraines, frost bite, and hypothermia depending on how much body heat he is able to absorb from a person. This reaction is involuntary and extreme.
Standing at 6'1", Lucas Frost can come off to some people as a seemingly undaunting man; lean with broad shoulders. Most people just take in the general appearance of him to know that he's not 'very trustworthy'. Lucas' inherited his mother's features, dark hair and fair-to-pale skin that makes him look like a movie villain more than someone who works for the government. While he typically keeps his slicked back over the course of the last six years as well as a wardrobe that seems very kept and well-thought out, Lucas' own style is very much different than how he usually appears to people he works with or agents he works with.

Usually kept up, during his downtime -- Lucas' hair kind of has a mind of its own. He will dress in typical 'dudebro' clothes rather than the Armani suits he keeps in his closet. Jeans, t-shirts, and leather jackets are usually what he licks to keep in his drawers much more than any suit. Basketball shorts and sneakers. Lucas lives with a perma-five o'clock shadow on his face and a tired look in his eyes typically. Nothing that really compliments his appearance as much as he wears for comfort and easy mobility.

Due to his new abilities, Lucas likes to layer his clothes. Typically wearing more than two shirts, he likes to keep covered up as much as possible. Unless it's a particularly warm day outside. He goes for neutral to dark colors when it comes to his clothes. Lucas has several scars from when he's been in fights over the course of the last decade. Because of the nature of how his ability has come to pass, he will be living with permanent bandaids and bruising for testing from the Research & Development division of The Regiment that he usually keeps covered up so other agents don't think they're going to be the next to be monitored like he is.
70% Extroverted
30% Introverted
62% Intuitive
38% Observant
12% Thinking
88% Feeling
76% Judging
24% Prospecting
8% Assertive
92% Turbulent
Lucas can usually be described as a very 'difficult to read' sort of guy. While most people believe they have a good handle on what is going on in his head, other times he can come off as completely sneaky and surprise you. He generally isn't someone who can be described as 'warm' or 'friendly' -- for his coworkers who know him, he doesn't talk much about his private life. He lives with them and doesn't really go out much. Sometimes could be described as something of wet blanket. Lucas is mostly all business -- dedicated to his work and revolving his entire life around that rather than actually going out to have some sort of life. He can come off as very cold, callous, and doesn't really show an understanding of the agents who work under him.

Lucas is actually warm when you get to know him. Kinder than you would initially think of the man. He is someone who might not be someone you can talk to but someone you can talk at to get all your worries off your chest. He's actually very receptive and keen to understanding where his agents come from. Despite his methods and tactics that have raised a couple eyebrows when it comes to training exercises that can come off as down right barbaric at times.

He isn't a family man, nor is he someone to talk about personal relationships and while he's never been relatively close to his little sister Alice. Since her arrival to Limbo, he's made it his mission in life to make sure she comes out relatively unscathed from the entire thing. Even if it means throwing others onto the chopping block for her. Lucas is an intelligent man, focusing more on spy games and countermeasures than anything else. While he's known to be quite the stickler for the rules and doesn't have many fans in the 'supes' department. He is more laid back than they know and far more perceptive than they're originally aware of.
Lucas is what can only be described as the "product of a broken home" -- before his little sister, Alice, was born. He spent most of his time with his nanny. Both parents were high-end lawyers who made work their "life" and their family life was just something to show off to other people maybe just to make themselves seem more human. Lucas grew up rather disenchanted by it all for the most part. It seemed only when Alice was born that they took more of an active role as parents until they got bored of each other and spent a lot of the time leaving her in the care of her older brother. It didn't seem to matter in making the siblings grow closer -- Lucas grew to resent the fact he'd taken on a more 'father role' than 'brother role' to his little sister and spent a lot of his time hanging out with friends rather than with her.

He wouldn't have to suffer for long, however. Their parents divorced when he was sixteen and by then, he was just sure he won a bet that his parents would dip out of it before he reached eighteen. Anabel chose to keep Lucas while Michael took Alice, the two of them remaining in New Jersey where since Lucas was old enough to not have to be looked after that much -- seemed to work out just plenty for both of them. For the next couple of years, Lucas was more of a roommate than a son. Occasionally just sleeping at his friend's houses rather than having to go home but he usually had the penthouse to himself. Just as Lucas had made the decision in his mind for the ultimate way to get out of Jersey and away from his mom, his mother remarried and for a while Henry tried to be his best friend.

It was Henry Eckles at the end of it all that pushed him to join the military instead of the numerous amount of colleges that were clamoring to get his mother's donation money.

Lucas dipped at eighteen, a week after his high school graduation -- finding a passion in the work. He decided he wanted to make a career out of it after serving one tour before switching over his specialty to IT and communications. He had all the focus in the world to remain in that position for as long as they would keep him. But his knack for information gathering seemed to attract other people outside the military. Lucas was approached by a member of the Wraith Regiment and slowly taken into the fold. He started out as he was in the military, intelligence gathering. Finding individuals with powers before he started to go onto the field and actively hunt them down.

To most people, he had 'drank the kool-aid' so to speak. He was utterly ruthless when it came to picking up civilian personal who were supes and separating them from their families. He did well on covering his tracks so no one could follow them back to what was really going on. At the age of twenty-four he became a handler and his position of what they were doing at the Regiment shifted after the loss of one of his agents and how it was handled by the agency.

Although he still remains to come off as a 'cruel' handler and someone people don't usually want to get assigned to. Lucas has successfully kept the number of causalities among his agents on a low scale. He tries to be right there with them during missions if he can work it in somehow rather than a bystander to everything and is someone most people...don't know much about unless he wants them to. He's been at Limbo for nearly four years now, Wraith for nearly eight. Completely unaware of his sister's own status as a super and her position at Limbo.
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